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Here’s a useful pub quiz question (for when we can back into pubs for quizzes) ..

“What do these political ‘hot-heads’ have in common (besides hot-headed-ness) _

Abiy Ahmed

Aung San Suu Kyi

Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, ?”

And the answer is …

Both the Ethiopian Prime Minister (2019), the Prime Minister of Myanmar (1991), and the President of the Palestinian National Authority (1994) are all recipients of the ‘Peace Prize’ from Sweden’s Nobel Institute.

Even though Abiy’s lauded efforts “to achieve peace and international cooperation” have now turned into a country-wide conflagration, with some critics making claims of ethnic cleansing .. !

Even though Aung is now an international pariah accused of defending genocide in Burma .. !

Even though Yasser, that ‘Carlsberg’ of the Middle East (“..probably the most notorious terrorist in the world”) was co-incidentally ‘between Interfadas’ when it came to prize-giving time .. !

It would appear that being given this gong doesn’t bring about lasting peaceful intents. How surprising is that ?

P.S. Accompanying the Prize and the gong itself, and the applause and accolades, is some 10 Million Nordic Krone (which, though it sounds a lot, is ‘just’ £837,540.00 at today’s rate of exchange .. but that’s quite a bit of ex“change”).


And now that the votes are ‘In’ .. well, most of them .. well, some of them .. well, all the ‘wrong’ votes .. that’s apart from those which are still coming-in (i.e. posted and franked before voting day, but not yet delivered and counted) .. ..

And .. ?

And Donald is STILL the President of the United States .. and will continue to remain so, constitutionally, for some 74 days, until ‘Sleepy Joe’ is sworn into office .. or until the Supreme Court (with a preponderance of Republican Judges – three of whom Donald ‘hand-selected’ and swore into office, personally) says otherwise.

Come on .. isn’t he just a wonderful, colourful character, who puts the rest of the world leaders to shame ?


‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden disapproves of the UK freeing itself from rule by an external power, i.e. the EU.

Presumably, in 1775 he’d have fought against American independence ?_______________

And who do we find ‘bleating’ loudest about Trump resorting to ‘the law’ to maintain his opinion even in the light of a popular vote against his point of view ?Why .. they are the ‘popularists’ (but not that popular) who resorted to ‘the law’ to overturn that ‘popular’ Brexit Vote which we had recently.

“Sauce for the Goose is also sauce for the Gander” .. particularly at Christmas time

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