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And now we learn of former DCI Alan Edwards, who worked on Chalice, who tells us that vital information was stored in vaults for over a decade before being actioned .. of ex- police chaplain Keith Osmund-Smith who was suspended after informing the council of adult men (taxi drivers) seen trying to coax drunk teenagers into their cars. “The reality is West Mercia Police did turn a blind eye and chose not to see what was obvious .. of unnecessary suffering because WMP failed in its most basic job.”

“No spell-checker, he !”

A plaque unveiled to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, unveiled by the Earl of Wessex only the other Friday, will now need to be replaced .. due to a string of spelling mistakes ! The panel in Birmingham's Victoria Square had eight errors, misspelling _ Colmore Row as 'Colomore Row' _ the name of sculptor William Bloye as William Boyle _ Queen Victoria as ‘rulling’ the country _ with ‘sovereignity’ _ and the whole event being the ‘Planinum’ Jubilee. Well .. that’s how they pronounce things in ‘Brummagem’ .. ! But them ‘Brummies’ are a happy lot .. they’ve got their ‘King Kong’ statue back .. somewhere in the ‘Jewellery Quarter’ .. if only for the duration of the Commonwealth Games .. though what anyone from outside Brummagem will think of if is anyone’s guess !

It’s a case of “Watch this Space”

So .. no Glades Leisure Centre anymore .. and now no Cinema and Leisure Complex either. Covid, Inflation, Building Costs, Lack of Builders, etc, etc, have scared-off the developers leaving our District Council ‘cabinet member for economic regeneration, planning and localism’ with somewhat of a white elephant (in a site now to be known as “Lionfields” .. though “Why”, many of us fail to understand even given its close proximity to the West Midlands Safari Park). Some local wag once said that, if they installed a water-slide, would they rename it the “Surf-ari” Park ? So, bags of re-generation with house-building and warehouse-building on the south side of the town .. lots of road-building on the north side .. many, many house threatened to be built on green farm-fields, almost everywhere .. just no progress in the centre. But having writ that sentence, we now hear of plans to rejuvenate the Town Hall .. into an ‘Arts Centre’. Wonder if they’re going to be anything like the plans the ‘Wyre Forest Arts’ group had for Town Hall rejuvenation .. now .. how many years ago was it ? Let’s see if this gets any further.

The ‘London Menace’ has arrived !

Police postings on Facebook say … "We are receiving reports of E-scooters being used both dangerously and anti-socially by both adults and children in Kidderminster and would like to remind those considering using e-scooters of the legalities.” "In the West Mercia policing area of Worcestershire there is only one e-scooter trial, based in Redditch. Therefore, unless part of this loan scheme e-scooters and hoverboards can only be ridden on private land with the permission of the land owner.” “Although e-scooters are available to buy they are currently illegal to use on public roads, pavements, cycle lanes and pedestrian-only areas.” So .. ‘Get off them’ .. they’re not toys .. and they hurt people when you collide with them .. and, because you’re not insured (because what you’re doing is illegal) you can be sued .. which means you’ll be losing money (possibly for years to come). Let alone injuring yourself (but then, you don’t care, do you ?)

Police ‘Frozen with Fear’

West Mercia Police .. ‘our’ local force. covering Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire .. are condemned in a three-year enquiry into massive child abuse in local town .. Telford. Police dropped cases like a “hot potato” for fear of inflaming racial tensions and allowed 30 years of sexual violence towards hundreds and hundreds of children .. even Murder ! to take place.. , as appalling crimes went unchecked by the authorities who were more concerned about political correctness. Commissioned in 2018 - the report accuses those whose job it was to protect children of repeatedly “turning a blind eye” and “ignoring obvious signs of child sexual exploitation”. Witnesses have told the inquiry how West Mercia Police had appeared “frightened to question or challenge because they didn’t want to have the finger pointed at them, saying they were being racist”, and the force’s decisions were impacted by “fear of complaint”. Although seven men were jailed in 2013 following Operation Chalice (a police probe into child prostitution in the Telford area), Tom Crowther QC, who chaired the inquiry, said: “Countless children were sexually assaulted and raped. They were deliberately humiliated and degraded. They were shared and trafficked. They were subjected to violence and their families were threatened.” Also in the firing-line for criticism is the local Council whose “disastrous” decision in 2006 to suspend taxi licensing enforcement, was also “borne entirely out of the fear of accusations of racism”. In some cases, the children themselves were blamed for the abuse and accused of being prostitutes even though, aged just 12, a child is not considered to be legally ‘of age’ to give their consent, and requires ‘protection’. Unanswered, is the question … “Why were the people of Telford not doing something about this scandal ?” Did not someone amongst the 179,900 people living in 78,130 households not notice that over 1,000 girls were being raped, drugged and beaten ? But don’t worry .. the Police have apologised .. so everything’s all right !