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Wyre Forest District Council announces new chairman A former Mayor of Kidderminster who was inspired to become a councillor to carry on the work of his late wife, has been elected Chairman of Wyre Forest District Council. Councillor John Aston (Independent - Aggborough and Spennells ward) was named Chairman at Wyre Forest District Council’s annual meeting, succeeding Councillor Shazu Miah. Councillor Peter Dyke will be Vice Chairman for the municipal year. The Chairman’s responsibilities include representing the district at a wide range of regional functions, attending community and charity events and formal openings, as well as chairing Council Meetings. There is also the additional work of raising money for his chosen charities ‘Marie Curie’ and ‘KDYT’ (Kidderminster & District Youth Trust). “Marie Curie is a cause close to my heart and I feel they don’t get the recognition they deserve. I also chose to support Kidderminster & District Youth Trust as they help young people across the district by taking them on trips and organising amazing activities.” When town councillor and Mayor of Kidderminster in 2012, Councillor Aston raised £12,000 for local mental health charity Wyre Forest Mind . Organisations that would like advice on inviting the Chairman to attend an event should contact the Chairman’s secretary by email eso@wyreforestdc.gov.uk _____________________________________________________ Heard about the CAZ ? No ? Then you’ll be relieved to hear you don’t live in Brumagum but, for the (poor) few that have to work there, you’ll need to know that Further traffic measures are planned in Birmingham on top of the controversial new Clean Air Zone - launched on June 1 but given a surprising two-week suspension; since even a Class D zone, with daily charges (the most rigorous and extensive of the four options), wouldn't be sufficient to make the city comply with pollution rules. So, to cut emissions further and “encourage” people to switch to public transport, the Council will_ Remove ALL free parking The council says around 15 % of traffic parking in the city centre currently uses free on-street spaces and they want to cut the number of cars looking for city centre parking by 30 % = 2.5 % fewer vehicles per kilometre of streets together with the “benefit” in raising cash from parking charges. Ban traffic entering (southbound) or leaving (northbound) Suffolk Street Queensway (A38) from Paradise Circus. The council says this would cut overall traffic and reduce delays on the A38 at a key location where pollution levels are too high and reduce traffic volume through Paradise Circus - an area with high pedestrian flows. Close Lister Street and Great Lister Street at junction with Dartmouth Middleway to reduce delays and pollution because traffic on the ring road would no longer need to stop (and then accelerate away) to allow vehicles from those two streets to cross the A4540. The traffic light junction would be removed. Birmingham City Council says financial support is available to help car, van and taxi owners who live or work within the CAZ. ______________________________________________ Having to pay to get to Birmingham With the launch of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone - CAZ - those straying too far from Wyre Forest into the area inside the A4540 Middleway Ring Road (but not the ring road itself) with highly-polluting vehicles facing a charge of £8 or £50 per week. Exemptions are available _ for those who live within the zone or work in the city centre and meet certain requirements vehicles with a disabled or disabled passenger tax class (but not for a blue badge alone) with more information available from the city council's website: www.brumbreathes.co.uk Vehicles which ‘fail’ will be charged £8 a day (in the first year) - pay 6 days before visit to 6 days after - to .Gov.Uk Fines are £120 - reduced to £60 for prompt payment. Appeals can be made to Local, then National agencies. Those living inside the ‘Middle Ringroad’ will be exempt - for the first year ONLY. _________________________________________________ And ‘Yet More’ about neighbouring Birmingham (and it’s headaches) A total of 21 West Midlands Metro trams were pulled from service after the vehicle manufacture identified cracks in the underframe structure. Inspections have now been completed and repairs have started on the vehicles affected by the fault, a spokesman confirmed. The number of trams available will be reduced while the cracks are repaired meaning services will run at a maximum of every 10 minutes compared to the usual six to eight minutes until the full fleet is back in action. And to rub some more salt into the Tram-wound .. The underpass beneath Five Ways roundabout in Birmingham, which links Broad Street and Hagley Road - a busy route in and out of the city - is to close .. for TWO YEARS .. as part of the Midland Metro tram extension. Still, it’s supposed to be ready in time for Birmingham to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022. _____________________________________________________ “Happy Holidays” ahead A four-day Bank Holiday weekend has been confirmed to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022, our longest reigning monarch; so next year things are changing a bit, with only one in the fifth month of the year (the early May Bank Holiday weekend). In pleasing news, however, there'll be another Bank Holiday in early June, as the usual late May Bank Holiday weekend is delayed to the sixth month of the year. The May Bank Holiday Weekend will be moved to Thursday, June 2 with an additional Bank Holiday on Friday, 3 June. That makes a Bank Holiday ‘Four Day Weekend’ at the start of June – Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd - Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th. _______________________________________________




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The highest award bestowed by the Monarch or the British government for non-operational gallantry, or gallantry not in the presence of an enemy. In the UK honours system, the George Cross is equal in stature to the Victoria Cross, the highest military gallantry award. Introduced in 1940 “for most conspicuous courage in circumstance of extreme danger” by both military and civilian persons.