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ELDERLY CARE Some Facts to go with the Figures The £86,000 “cap” on what you’re obliged to spend on your long-term elderly residential care .. is mis-leading ! The £86,000 social care cap announced this week will fail to cover all care costs, meaning many people will still be paying £200,000- £400,000 to pay for their care, and having to sell their homes to fund where they’ll sleep in their final days. Where does the Prime Minister think that they are going to get that £86,000 without selling their home ? The fine print of the plans revealed that the lifetime cap on social care costs of £86,000, to be implemented in October 2023, applies only to personal care, the physical acts of caring that are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means that it will not cover all residential costs. These are known as hotel costs, which includes accommodation, cleaning and the food provided – costs which often far exceed the personal care costs for those paying to stay in residential care. Care Homes balance the number of private funders (those paying their own way) with those being paid for by the local authority (often at a lower cost). Hotel costs ought to be the same across the country, but they’re not.

A ‘Royal’ Solution for Ladies and Gentlemen ‘In Waiting’

With waiting times at Worcester ‘Royal’ Hospital exceeding 12 hours at times in September .. the “solution” has been found ! And the “solution is .. .. .. ? Turn the Ambulances round and send then to Redditch’s ‘Alexandra’ Hospital instead !! And that for all of a fortnight - from Monday 20th September. It will, according to the C.O.O. (Chief Operating Officer) ensure that “ .. Patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.” So, presumably, treating them at Worcester would mean the wrong care, or the wrong place, or the wrong time ?

What’s really essential to the NHS ?

As we battle Covid and cope with increasing numbers of knife and gun wounds among our youth, just what do you think the NHS can find the time and cash (OUR cash, remember) to spend it on ? £220,000 so that ‘Stonewall’ can judge the “inclusion” of 40 NHS Trusts, to “benchmark” them, on their ”diversity” !! And that’s IN ADDITION to the £500,000 spent over that last 3 years for Stonewall’s “advice” !!! Makes being a ‘BLT’ attractive.

“Dirty electric cars”.. .. says Volvo. “Dirty .. dirty !”

Volvo says it can take up to 9 YEARS of driving before the electric version of a car becomes greener than its petrol equivalent. Emissions from MAKING EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models as carbon-intensive production for battery and steel makes its EVs more polluting to manufacture than models with a petrol engine At current global electricity mix, it needs to be driven almost 70k miles - 9 years based on average UK mileage - to offset its higher production emissions (though this can be reduced to less than 30k miles if EVs are charged with “green energy” .. Whatever that is ?) Electric versions of Volvo cars (and all other EVs since the same laws of physics apply across the galaxy) will only become greener overall after covering between 30,000 and 68,400 miles.

Keep the kids out of the kitchen !

The BBA _ British Burns Association _ warn that the new on-line “game” called ‘Squid’ is landing increasing numbers of children in hospitals with serious and life-changing burns. South Koran competitors are seen snapping-off the edges of honey-comb sugar to leave a shape .. but British children can’t find this sweet product in our shops and so are making their own, at home; and, since sugar ‘boils’ at 150 o C, any splashes - or fingers poked into the mixture to ‘taste and try’ - are covered with a mass that CAN’T BE WASHED OFF .. and cools SLOWLY .. burning as it does so !
The next phase of this year’s ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign focuses on the NHS 111 service and launched this week across TV, video on demand services, out of home, paid search and social media. This will be supported with consumer PR activity, multicultural communications and partnership work. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to use NHS 111 online first when they have an urgent but not life-threatening medical need, rather than going straight to A&E/Emergency Departments. The activity will also seek to increase awareness that NHS 111 online makes it easier for patients to get the treatment they need in the right place. NHS 111 online can also direct patients to urgent treatment centres, GPs, pharmacies and emergency dental services and, if needed, arrange a call from a healthcare professional. The target audience for this campaign is all adults with a focus on young people (20-29) and parents of children aged 5-12 years. The campaign will run from 1st November 2021 until the end of March 2022.


“The idea of putting somebody forward in this rock-solid Tory safe seat is worth exploring. I think it is a good idea. It needs somebody outside of politics, preferably with good local connections that the Lib Dems, Labour and Greens could all agree to support.” Martin Bell, the former BBC war correspondent, who defeated Neil Hamilton at the 1997 election by campaigning on an anti-sleaze ticket, is backing calls for an independent candidate to fight the Tories in Owen Paterson’s vacated North Shropshire seat.