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Independent Health Concern Caring for the Community in Wyre Forest


STOURPORT MEDICAL CENTRE Building Contractor AMG [Arthur M Griffiths] went into liquidation in August ! The half-built £7,000,000 centre on Dunley Road has stalled while the SMT (Stourport Medical Team - Clare Nock c.e.o.) touts around for a replacement company .. and, presumably, given the current scarcity of building materials, a new finished price. The Spring 2022 opening date will have to be pushed back by a minimum of four months .. while local people stare at an empty shell of a building. A STEP UP A NEW POSITION FOR AN OLD FACE A welcome to Cllr. Leigh Whitehouse to the leadership of the Labour group on the Wyre Forest District Council. His ambitions are “.. to improve the lives of residents by making a nicer, cleaner and greener place for people to live, work and visit.” Laudable. Leigh takes over from Sarah Rock “.. by mutual consent.” BRINTON’S CARPETS RELOCATE THEIR H.Q. FIRM FINDS A FINE LOCATION After their foundation in 1783 and being based in ‘Brinton House’, Exchange Street, and having spent 10 years in Stourport Road premises, they will now occupy ‘Fine Point House’ - alongside the District Council (at the traffic lights .. on the Stourport Road). Brintons now find their ‘niche market’ in supplying ultra-large establishments with vast areas of carpeting; so, if your footfall falls across the lobbies of the larger hotels, casinos or cruise liners .. you’re sinking into the shag-pile of a local company. “Never mind the pattern .. .. feel the width !” “Happy Holidays” ahead A four-day Bank Holiday weekend has been confirmed to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022, our longest reigning monarch; so next year things are changing a bit, with only one in the fifth month of the year (the early May Bank Holiday weekend). In pleasing news, however, there'll be another Bank Holiday in early June, as the usual late May Bank Holiday weekend is delayed to the sixth month of the year. The May Bank Holiday Weekend will be moved to Thursday, June 2th with an additional Bank Holiday on Friday, 3rd June. That makes a Bank Holiday ‘Four Day Weekend’ at the start of June – Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd - Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th
ELDERLY CARE Some Facts to go with the Figures The £86,000 “cap” on what you’re obliged to spend on your long-term elderly residential care .. is mis-leading ! The £86,000 social care cap announced this week will fail to cover all care costs, meaning many people will still be paying £200,000- £400,000 to pay for their care, and having to sell their homes to fund where they’ll sleep in their final days. Where does the Prime Minister think that they are going to get that £86,000 without selling their home ? The fine print of the plans revealed that the lifetime cap on social care costs of £86,000, to be implemented in October 2023, applies only to personal care, the physical acts of caring that are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means that it will not cover all residential costs. These are known as hotel costs, which includes accommodation, cleaning and the food provided – costs which often far exceed the personal care costs for those paying to stay in residential care. Care Homes balance the number of private funders (those paying their own way) with those being paid for by the local authority (often at a lower cost). Hotel costs ought to be the same across the country, but they’re not.

A ‘Royal’ Solution for Ladies and Gentlemen ‘In Waiting’

With waiting times at Worcester ‘Royal’ Hospital exceeding 12 hours at times in September .. the “solution” has been found ! And the “solution is .. .. .. ? Turn the Ambulances round and send then to Redditch’s ‘Alexandra’ Hospital instead !! And that for all of a fortnight - from Monday 20th September. It will, according to the C.O.O. (Chief Operating Officer) ensure that “ .. Patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.” So, presumably, treating them at Worcester would mean the wrong care, or the wrong place, or the wrong time ?

“..and it’s a big ‘Thank You’ to her .. “

It’s a big loss for the people of Franche & Habberley North ward in WF as their Cllr. Susie Griffiths announces that she’s stepping down (with immediate effect) to concentrate on her mental health and well-being. Thanking her fellow Cllrs, members of the ‘Progressive Alliance’, and the Officers of the Council for their cooperation and support, Susie says that “ .. now is the right time to stand down and spend more time with my family.” “We are fully supportive of her and thank her for all she’s done for Health Concern and her constituents. She’s made such an impact while she’s been in office. .. a brilliant Ward Cllr .. she will be missed.” Cllr. G. Ballinger