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Care Commission acts ‘to protect patients’ in Worcester Hospitals !

A&E departments found to be "overwhelmed" during a December 2019 visit by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to both Worcestershire Royal and Alexandra Hospitals. Inspectors found that "people waited too long for assessment" and were "treated on corridors all too frequently". As a consequence, urgent action is being taken against the hospital trust to improve services. The regulator has imposed restrictions on Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust's registration to "protect people" and ensure patients were assessed within 15 minutes of arrival. Both emergency departments had previously been in special measures for about four years but were given a better rating of "requires improvement" following inspections in May 2019 However, CQC chief hospital inspector, Prof Ted Baker, said that, at Worcester Royal _ they found ambulance patients at Worcestershire Royal "waited over three hours" for treatment the longest wait for a bed noted as almost 24 hours. at Alexandra Hospital's A&E _ overcrowding, due to the department's layout, lead to queuing in corridors it quickly became overwhelmed, “posing a risk to patient safety", In spite of all this, inspectors commented upon "professional and caring staff who remained cheerful and engaged with patients, even when working under pressure" at both hospitals. A trust spokesman apologised for the waits experienced by patients – even though the watchdog had raised these issues with the trust in 2015 and found their subsequent response "insufficient". Matthew Hopkins has been chief executive of the Acute Trust since 14/01/2019.

“The Virus” .. .. Who’s To Blame ?

Ohh, goodie; let’s play that favourite British game of “Apportioning Blame” ! Should we blame the impoverished (and that’s questionable in modern Chinese mega-cities) Chinese who sold and ate contaminated Bats (risking rabies and other unmentionable diseases and conditions) but who live and trade in a culture so different from our own ? Should we blame Bernhard Zangl, the owner of ‘Kitzloch Apres-Ski bar’ (which seems to have been the petri-dish of Europe) & Werner Kurz, his mate, the Mayor of Ischgl (who took on-board the role of Larry Vaughn, Mayor of Amity, in such magnificent fashion) - as the Austrian authorities might well do, for turning a ‘blind-eye’ for short-term profit ? or Do we blame the NHS ‘Fat-Cats’ on their Boards and Trusts who have presided over the design and construction of hospitals with too few beds for even ‘routine’ winter illnesses .. without flexibility .. with insufficient ventilators and vital equipment with which to meet the inevitable, eventual ‘train wreck’ of an epidemic / pandemic .. ‘planners’ who showed a total lack of foresight ? “Oh no; we don’t want to have equipment ‘lying around, idle’ waiting for something which may never happen (on ‘my’ watch .. ie. before I’ve moved-on to an even more ludicrous salary).” Yes .. but Germany DOES have that extra provision. Whereas we have fewer than 8,000 ITU beds in the entire country, Deutschland counts them in tens of thousands. So … Chinese peasants … Austrian petty-officials … or home-grown British bureaucrats ? What we need’s a decent lamp-post - to shine a light on some murky dealings !

“All Scientists are Right .. until they’re proven Wrong !”

Prof Andrew Cunningham, the deputy director of science at the Zoological Society of London says Covid-19 was .. ..“Not only predictable, but predicted ! The frequency of occurrence of zoonotic spillover is increasing in recent decades and other zoonotic diseases, such as the Nipah virus, can be far more deadly than Covid-19.” The World Health Organization's Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom, warned .. ..“Not to compare coronavirus directly with previous outbreaks. It is a unique virus with unique characteristics. Globally about 3.4 per cent of Covid-19 cases have died. By comparison seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1 per cent of those affected. Dr Gail Carson, a consultant in infectious diseases at the University of Oxford, did draw comparisons .. ..“One lesson of the 1918 Spanish Flu is clearly apparent in the government’s action plan. It is possible that an outbreak or pandemic of Covid-19 could occur in multiple waves and therefore… it may be necessary to ensure readiness for a future wave of activity. This is what happened with Spanish Flu. Three successive waves, each one worse than the last.”
“Don’t you find it slightly ironic that we’re fighting CORONA-virus .. .. with hand Sani-TIZER ?”
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