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Leader of Wyre Forest District Council being interviewed on BBC News At One on the subject of the recent River Severn floods

Stourport Medical Centre developments

With the Stourport Health Centre and York House Medical Centre expecting to merge to form a new practice, their multi-million pound medical centre to replace two Stourport doctors' surgeries has taken an important step forward. Planned to be up and running by spring 2021, the new centre will care for 21,500 patients and its facilities will feature 76 car parking spaces, electric car charging points and an on-site pharmacy. Wyre Forest District Council has sold its land at Dunley Road for £300,000 to allow this state-of-the-art facility to get under way. The sale was agreed in July last year and a planning application for the new medical centre was approved by the Planning Committee in December. "We have achieved market value for the land and will be able to use the receipt to invest in other worthwhile capital projects in the district - such as the council's Evergreen Investment Fund, which provides funding for future investment.” Councillor Fran Oborski, Wyre Forest's cabinet member for ‘economic regeneration, planning and capital investments’, said: “I am delighted that the sale of the land has been completed and that Stourport will now be able to benefit from modern facilities for GPs and primary care, as Bewdley and Kidderminster have already done.” Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Stourport-on-Severn/@52.3325729,-2.2891836,1285m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48708b3c9f924aa7:0x9b42fc6bdf9cfa1!8m2!3d52.3417839!4d-2.277593 Planning details: http://www.wyreforest.gov.uk/fastweb/detail.asp?AltRef=19/0565/FULL&Scroll=4&Nothing=3&Nothing=2&Nothing=1&ApplicationNumber=&AddressPrefix=Dunley+Road&Postcode=&CaseOfficer=&Parish Name=&AreaTeam=&WardMember=&DateReceivedStart=&DateReceivedEnd=&DateDecidedStart=&DateDecidedEnd=&Locality=&AgentName=&ApplicantName=&ShowDecided=&DecisionLevel=&Sort1 =FullAddressPrefix&Sort2=DateReceived+DESC _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
November 2nd marks the start of Stourport Health and York House surgeries becoming the newly-formed Stourport Medical Centre in Dunley Road (but still operating from the two current buildings for the meantime). This is 12 months earlier than planned since it has been "incredibly difficult" working from two different appointment systems, with staff split between the two sites to cover absences. The staff of the new Stourport Medical Centre will come together once the build is completed in 2021, a year after they’ve “got it together” to deal with Covid. Trick ? Or ‘Treat’ ? Halloween will be very different this year, with no kids parties or gatherings of more than six outside of households. Families can expect to spend October 31 indoors bobbing for apples, with mum and dad left wondering whether their little ones are allowed to go Trick or Treating. Well, those in the Medium Tier must stick to the ‘rule of six’, inside and outside, with small groups of six children and adults allowed out. For ‘High Risk’ Tiers, households are banned from meeting indoors while, however, the ‘rule of six’ still applies outdoors. (As long as small groups of children do not go inside one another’s houses, they can go Trick or Treating around their neighbourhoods.) And how scary is that ? Well OK, you won’t be going shopping there, now The new parking scheme in Worcester came into force 01/10/20, meaning non-residents will be unable to park for free in the city centre. County councillor Matthew Jenkins is the man responsible since has been pushing for a parking permit scheme to be introduced in the Arboretum for the last 2 years. Cllr Jenkins said: “The drivers that use all the free parking to go to work or do some shopping, they won’t be able to do that anymore. It will stop those using the area as a free car park. Perhaps they’ll car-share .. or cycle” So he’s got what he wanted this Christmas. Bewdley prepared (in the future) Wyre Forest District Council have agreed that the case for permanent flood defences should be made an "absolute priority", ending a 7 year battle for residents at Beales Corner in Bewdley. Storms Ciara and Dennis in February proved that "earlier deployment [of barriers] on Severnside South could have saved a number of properties from flooding" and a report recommends that a letter be sent to Environment Agency indicating strong local support for Beales Corner defences. Something ‘fishy’ this way comes” Trading Standards has warned customers not to be 'caught' out by the slippery fish scammers who have targeted the Malvern Hills area selling out-of-date foodstuffs. Trading Standards officers from Worcestershire County Council have reported the rogue traders charge "high prices for large quantities of fish that turn out to be off and mis-described". Do take care MOTORISTS in Holland who are known for being cash conscious are actually paying more to fill their cars with expensive petrol as the greener E10 (which replaced 95 fuel last year) is considered damaging to an estimated 700,000 vehicles. The problems with E10 which contains as much as 10 per cent sustainable bioethanol means that newer cars produce up to 2 per cent less carbon dioxide but Dutch motoring organisation Bovag said prior to its launch that it would not be compatible with many older models. Between August 2019 and August 2020, the sale of E5 rose 20 per cent, while the sale of E10 actually fell 5 per cent. In the UK, at present, those (of us) with older cars can avoid unexpected large engine-repair bills by changing to fuels like Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate, Esso Supreme+, Texaco Supreme (to name a few). Such 97 octane fuels also contain performance additives which can help: Keep your engine performing at its best Keep your car's engine clean Help maintain fuel economy Using lower grades of fuel can leave harmful deposits in the engine that can cause deterioration in performance, such as hesitation in acceleration. Not only that, these deposits can result in increased exhaust emissions and reduced economy. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A BIG welcome.

“I must welcome Councillors Anna and Roger Coleman, Councillors for Bewdley and Rock, to the Progressive Alliance. Roger is now a member of the Independent Community and Health Concern Group while Anna sits as an Independent, working with ICHC. I look forward to their contributions within the Progressive Alliance of Wyre Forest District Council of which ICHC is part.” Graham Ballinger Wyre Forest District Council leader.
Ken Peers, who dedicated his life to helping disadvantaged members of the community has died, aged 93. He was part of the group that set up The Odell Trust as a registered charity in 1984, creating the Odell Centre in Kidderminster for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues. A metallurgist and foundry man, he found time to serve as a member of Worcestershire County Council for a quarter of a century, sitting as chairman of the county council Education Committee for many years and serving as chairman of governors at St Anne’s Middle School, Far Forest Memorial School and Blakebrook Special School. Amongst community responses to the sad news were .. "..Ken’s purpose in life was to serve his local community,” .. ".. a wonderful, kind and considerate person,” .. “.. he played his part with great distinction and dedication”.