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With just a week to go, it’s interesting to read in The Shuttle .. a 4-page ‘wrap’ (as it’s known) around the outside of the newspaper - for Mark Garnier (Conservative) a one-page display (on the more prestigious right hand side - your eyes fall on it as you turn the page) - for Robin Lunn (Labour) a half-page display (on the “poorer” left hand side - & in the less prestigious lower half, we read downwards) for Shazu Miah (Lib-Dem) and _ _ _ _ _ _ for John Davis (Green).  Does this reflect their ‘buying power’, their belief in the efficacy of the press, or some all-too-subtle strategy ?Finding-out more about them would be useful .. outside of the 3-Towns, some voters are yet to receive any campaign literature; not even through the post (a service available to all those standing).Here are the Quartet vying for our Votes - in alphabetical order

John Davis

The Green Party We   fully   intend   to   publish   a   picture of   this   candidate   and   references   to the     Wyre     Forest     Green     Party website. Unfortunately   our   attempts   only   get us as far as _ “This site can’t be reached.   w y ’    server    IP    address    could    not    be found.” On   the   other   hand,   you   can   visit   the party’s National website at _ y u k where     you     can     download     their entire manifesto. Mr.    Davis’s    opening    statement    in The Shuttle  commented upon _ “..   peoples’   increased      awareness of    environmental    issues;    and    the local   party’s   success   in   the   recent District    election    (Vicky    Caulfield) shows   that   people   in   the   area   have greater   concern   about   the   climate crisis.”

Mark Garnier

The Conservative Party Mark   Garnier,   the   defending   MP and   former   Parliamentary   Under Secretary         of         State         for International            Trade,            is campaigning for Delivering     BREXIT     for Wyre Forest and    respecting    the    democratic voice of Wyre Forest voters; Fairer   Funding   for   Wyre Forest Pupils and       new       national       funding formula    figures    for    schools    in Wyre Forest; Fairer Fuel Prices and   the   end   the   higher   cost   of petrol and diesel in rural areas. To      learn      more      about      his campaigning, visit _ https://www.markgarnier.co.uk/ For      the      Conservative      Party manifesto, visit _ https://vote.conservatives.com/ our-plan The     Shuttle      quotes     him     as saying   “..   to   ensure   people   have strong    long-term    jobs    we    must attract   businesses   into   the   area ..    and    enhance    infrastructure    .. making   sure   school-leavers   are skilled   to   meet   the   challenges   of those jobs.”

Robin Lunn

The Labour Party Living   in   the   village   of   Inkberrow   he is   ideally   placed   to   undertake   his role   as   Leader   of   the   Labour   group on   Worcester   County   Council,   and also   his   representation   of   Redditch (North). He    has    been    commuting    to    the MCF     Complex     on     New     Road, Kidderminster   for   the   last   6   years where    he    works    as    a    Financial Adviser. For information about his campaign you can go to https://www.wyreforestlabour.co.uk  or visit https://labour.org.uk/manifesto  to read their national policies. The   Shuttle   quotes   him   as   saying that    he    believes    he    can    win    the Wyre Forest seat because of _ “    ..    our    positive    policies    across health,    education,    the    economy, housing   and   the   ‘Green   New   Deal’     (the    Green    Industrial    Revolution) because “ .. we all deserve better.”

Shazu Miah

Liberal-Democratic Party Currently   a   District   Cllr.   for   the Offmore   &   Comberton   Ward   and Chairman   of   the   District   Council, Shazu   Miah   is   a   local   Solicitor who   owns   a   Legal   Practice   with branches   in   Kidderminster   and Tipton   and   also   owns   a   thriving Tandoori      Restaurant      in      the Constituency. The   local   Lib-Dem   website   is   at https://wyreforestlibdems.org.uk/en/ and the Natonal Party site is_ https://www.libdems.org.uk/about In    his    Statement    in    the    2017 election he said, “I     will     be     campaigning     and making    the    case    that    anyone who   wants   to   avoid   a   disastrous hard   Brexit,   keep   Britain   in   the single    market,    and    who    wants Great    Britain    to    remain    open, tolerant    and    united,    the    only party   to   vote   for   is   the   Liberal Democrats.”  

And the Polls tell us ‘What’ ? .. exactly ?

Well, very little, exactly. They only try to guess / anticipate what might happen, if things go their way, on the day, possibly. Remember how catastrophically wrong they’ve got it before ? Now with just 2 days remaining:- 1 ,,, “Corbyn’s chances are ‘dire’” is the quote from Jonathan Ashworth .. Labour’s shadow Health Secretary. 2 … “Sturgeon’s concentration on ‘IndyRef 2’ is driving voters into the Tory camp” .. John Lamont - defending Tory @ Roxburgh & Selkirk 3 … ‘UK Pollsters’ give Conservatives 43.2% , with Labour on 32.8% - a 10.4% lead, higher than Theresa May in 2017. 4 … ‘Brexit Party’ crash to a lower % than the Greens. 5 … ‘Lib-Dem’ continue to lose support - down to 11%. ________________________ And now, with just one week to go (Thursday 5th Dec) the ‘Britain Elects’ pollsters calculate that:_ the SavantaComRes pollsters:_ and YouGov:_ Conservatives have 43% of people’s votes (an increase) 42% 42% Labour have 32% of people’s votes (an increase) 32% 33% Lib-Dems have 13% of people’s votes (a decrease) 12% 12% Brexit Party   4% of people’s votes (a decrease)   3%   4% Green Party   3% of people’s votes (a decrease)   2%   4% and, “Yes”, we too have noticed that none of these percentage Polls actually add up to 100% !!! _________________________ Anyway, the latest Poll (28th November - just 2 weeks to go - says that The Conservatives are on course for their best general election result since 1987 by winning a 68-seat majority. The YouGov poll of 100,000 people (a more than reasonable slice of the electorate), whose methods predicted the 2017 hung Parliament accurately, predicts that a swathe of Labour seats in the “red wall” of the north and Midlands will fall to the Tories, giving Boris Johnson 359 seats, 42 more than in 2017, with Jeremy Corbyn losing 51 of his 2017 seats to end up with just 211 MPs. The poll put the Tories on 43 per cent of the vote, 11 points ahead of Labour on 32. The Liberal Democrats’ poor performance in the election means they will lose MPs, according to the survey, with the Brexit Party failing to pick up any seats at all. _________________________ Best thing we’ve heard all election … a reminder about a Matt cartoon (Daily Telegraph) of two little girls, chasing butterflies with nets, one saying to the other … “My father’s an election pollster. I do hope that he never loses his innocent enthusiasm when he hears the results .. !”
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