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Hospital Comparisons

A national daily newspaper has developed an interactive search-tool to judge the efficiency of UK hospital delivery of NHS services. You may care to use it see how well (or how poorly) the services they provide for us stand against national expectations and norms. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uk/nhs-england-best-worst-trust-near-me-postcode-waiting-times/
Here is a little ‘taster’ of the figures you will find _ Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust We have ranked your trust as 99th out of 120 in England for its overall performance against key duties of care to its patients Your trust is doing worse than average — and is failing to meet every single one of its targets Ambulances Ambulances are failing to arrive on time no matter how severe the emergency is in your area CATEGORY 1 (Average waiting time for life threatening events such as choking or cardiac arrest) Target 7 mins YOUR TRUST 8 mins 9 secs CATEGORY 2 (Average waiting time for serious emergencies such as sepsis or strokes) Target 18 mins YOUR TRUST 52 mins CATEGORY 3 (Average waiting time for urgent problems like falls or fractures) Target 2 hours YOUR TRUST 3 hours 56 mins A&E Waiting Times The number of patients waiting over four hours to be seen in A&E: 6,118 at your trust last month GP appointments GPs are seeing fewer people face-to-face than they did pre-pandemic Pre-pandemic 80% of patients Now: 46% of patients Waiting Lists People waiting too long for treatment Target 92% National Average 63% Worcester 50% Information Source Data collated only for acute NHS trusts in England, excluding mental health and specialist trusts IT DOES NOT MAKE REASSURING READING .. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.