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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Aren’t we all amazed to read in The Shuttle, this week, that one of our foremost and hardest- working councillors is able to be ‘controversial’ .. “..without even trying !” Such skill .. such grace .. such ability. What a shame that this has to be revealed in an article which featured her being censured by the District Council’s ‘Ethics and Standards’ committee. Perhaps her (many) previous sessions of ‘re-training’ - at both District and County levels - might in future influence her (many) Facebook prognostications and enable her ‘conduct’ to steer her clear of conduct code breaches ? ____________ “I am a ‘One in Ten’ .. !” Remember that 1981 hit for UB40 ? Recalling the number 9.6 .. being the percentage of the local workforce claiming unemployment benefit in the West Midlands in the summer of 1981 when the song was released (10%). Nowadays, it’s more likely to be “One in Three” .. least-ways, some three per day .. patients arriving at Worcs. Acute that is, listing ‘Depression’ as the main reason for them attending. That’s the 28th most common reason .. which doesn’t sound a lot .. until it adds up to 1,055 patients in A&E .. and that the cause exceeds those going there with puncture wounds, ‘bad backs’, and even coughs and sore throats. “They don’t write songs like that any more !” ___________ And there’s ‘One in Four’ .. ! Health spending in the County .. down a quarter (one in four) in just six years. 2015-16 - £73 per head of population (under 70) 2021-22 - £57 Which ever way you look at it .. it don’t look good. _________


Throughout the UK

You couldn’t make it up if you tried .. .. .. ! And you don’t have to try too hard, apparently, where COP26 is concerned. This “talk-fest” of those with private jets has some of them housed north of Edinburgh in the famous Gleneagles Hotel (“the glorious playground” as it calls itself) .. that of golf tournaments fame, and used to housing ‘high risk’ dignitaries when in the UK. And so that their “Eco-credentials” aren’t ‘tarnished’, there is A FLEET OF TESLA CARS to convey them from their manicured fairways, across Scotland, to the grimey enclaves of ‘Glas-gay’, decorated as they are with uncollected garbage. However .. .. no one realised that Gleneagles only has ONE EV recharging point .. so they’ve had to hire A FLEET OF DIESEL GENERATORS to run all night so that they they the capacity to make the 90 mile round trip the next day. Really .. .. you couldn’t make these things up. __________ It would be easy to scoff at reports that the National Theatre of Scotland wants to ban the word “spooky”, on the supposed grounds that it’s racist. Apparently they believe that, during the Second World War, white American servicemen would for some reason refer to their black colleagues as “spooks”. On the face of it, it may seem unlikely that the word would cause offence in the year 2021, given that it hasn’t been used in this obscure manner for more than three quarters of a century, and even then, only by people from a country 4,000 miles away. Still, one can commend the National Theatre of Scotland. After all, anything we can do to discredit Hallowe’en’s needless orgy of tedium and blasphemy is to be vigorously encouraged. And it would appear that the NTS haven’t (yet) come across the nickname given to spies in this country .. nor the (interminable) series of “action” TV programmes based on our security services .. of the same name .. portrayed by ‘jobbing’ actors .. some of whom might even be Scottish ?


Throughout the rest of the world

And you think ‘YOU’VE’ had a ‘BAD DAY’ ! On Monday 4th October, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger all “went down” .. and people had a chance to talk to each other. What a change .. Blessed relief. Oh, and Mark Zuckerberg’s shares went down, too. He lost $ 7,000,000,000 in 7 hours. - leaving him with “just” $ 115 bn. ____________ Apparently there’s a statue in the River Nervion which, as we all know, flows through the port city of Bilbao (yes, in northern Spain, that’s right). It shows the face of a girl who “drowns” twice a day as the tides rise over her, in a cycle that continuously repeats itself ! This, according to the Mexican sculptor Ruben Orozco, causes us “.. to reflect on what will happen if we bet on un-sustainable models”. ‘Bihar’ (that’s ‘Tomorrow’ in the Basque language) is part of a campaign by charity ‘BBK Foundation’, run by ‘Kutxabank’ to start a debate around sustainability and climate change. And there was me thinking that the rest of the world had already started such a debate .. perhaps they’re a little late on the scene in northern Spain ? Come on, Greta Thunberg, head for Spain where you can do some good. Described by some who have seen her slowly ‘drown’ as “spectacular .. but scary” .. where’s there a BLM activist when you need one ? __________ Makes you wonder how ‘Bertie’ got away with it ! That’s Edward VII of the United Kingdom, called "Bertie" by his family after "Albert", one of his given names. His genial good humour and confident bonhomie made him a great success with he ladies (and also with those you really couldn’t call ‘ladies’) and he gained a reputation as a playboy. Determined to get some army experience, he attended manoeuvres in Ireland, during which he spent three nights with an actress, Nellie Clifden, who was hidden in the camp by his fellow officers .. this ‘tryst’ being the origin of soldiers saying to each other “I’m ‘Going On Manoeuvres’ tonight .. !” (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink). So we shouldn’t be too critical of America’s latest ‘playboy’ and ‘crash-and-burn’ politician, a once hugely popular and trusted politician - New York governor Andrew Cuomo * - who has announced he would be stepping down so as not to be a "distraction" for the government .. now that he’s got at least 11 women accusing him of “sexual harassment”. Why, that’s even more than Prince Andrew is being pursued by ! Footnote: * and now his brother is being accused of similar behaviour ! What’s that about “ .. things running in families ?”