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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

“Mob Rule !” Coming soon .. to a statue near you .. ! I was hoping that a sculptor would come along and display my chiselled features .. I started a company selling statuettes of great figures from the Bible. It makes a small prophet. On quizzes, my specialist subject is ‘decorative park statues’ .. I’m a fountain of knowledge. Tragically, someone was injured demolishing a statue .. They had an art-attack. Enough …. __________________ And he’s off, again. Our Honourable Member shifts into ‘top gear’ on more motoring issues .. this time expressing his concern that the local council is proposing a removal of the ‘one hour’ free parking concession. Exhorting us that everything needs to be done to encourage a quick return to normal spending habits, surely that includes paying car-parking charges and providing the council (that’s ‘us’, folks) with essential income. What could be more ‘normal’ than that ? _______________ While not exactly Wyre Forest, Birmingham is sufficiently close for us to sit up and take notice of ‘The Times’, thundering-on about David Jamieson. Yes, me too. He’s the PCC (and that’s not ‘Parochial Church Council’) in charge of “Britains second-biggest police force” .. as befits Britain’s ‘Second City’. So .. what’s he been up to ? Technically .. it’s not all about him .. rather the Deputy (Dawg) he’s just appointed, one Waheed Saleem who, in the past, has been banned from serving on any local authority having “.. manipulated a Walsall council property tendering process.” Well, his mate, ‘DJ’, has overruled objections from the Scrutiny Panel and awarded him the prestigious position. It’s hard to get figures but, back in 2013, the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner ‘earned’ £100,000 pa. And now, his past comes back to haunt him with the headline _ “Defiant crime chief appoints deputy ruled ‘unfit for office’.” At least we know that nothing like this could ever happen in West Mercia. _______________ In an announcement which (quite coincidentally) coincides with press releases, a public consultation, distribution of 5,000 newsletters, and the submission of proposed plans to Worcs. C. C. (see how slickly these things fit together ?) ‘PMG’ (that’s Power Generation Midlands to those in-the- know) inform us of their planned development of an “Energy and Resource Park.” Now who can object to that ? “Park” .. a word redolent of country views and stately-home vistas .. tinged with memories of ice-creams and swings and of impromptu games of foottie with piles of jumpers for goal posts, when we were kiddies. And “Energy and Resource” .. so green, so ecological, so planet-saving. It will even have a “Waste Reception Centre” .. how polite, how civilised, how .. well .. welcoming. And, almost as a lucky spin-off, all the heat and energy they’re talking about .. will save them money and make them richer. How lucky is that ? Want to have your say (and we always do ..) you’ve until June 26th, at www.powergenerationmidlands.co.uk


Throughout the UK

There’s nothing quite like “getting your own back” .. ! And now that the Bristol-aarrh statue of MP Edward Colston has sunk below the harbour waters in that ‘Jolly-Roger’ of a town, many people must be feeling rather proud of their day’s work. But they will have achieved rather less than did Edward Colston himself who, having changed his mind about his previous career became Bristol- aarrh’s greatest philanthropist and spent the equivalent of (wait for it) .. £110,000,000 in endowing and maintaining almshouses (the Social-housing of its day), hospitals (plural, again - & free-of-charge) and churches (also in the plural). His change-of-heart is also shown in his desire for a plain and simple funeral - and the population’s recognition of what he had done for them is reflected in the massive funeral and memorial they gave him. Still, the sinking in 20 feet of water of a statue erected 170 years after his death isn’t really going to affect him after his change-of-heart. Just as we remember slave-ship Captain John Newton’s change-of-heart every time we sing his hymn .. “Amazing Grace .. how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me .. I once was lost .. but now am found, once blind .. but now I see.” ________________ The Government “.. has sent forth a decree ..” (like previous governments) that churches can re-open - although only for individuals (that’s any number of individuals) for each individual to have their own (“their very own”) “private” prayer. Congregations cannot congregate in the open air (for funerals) .. unlike anyone wishing to protest about police-forces in foreign countries. And the Government’s date for re-opening churches .. why, a Monday !! (Think about it … ! It’s a ‘Brahma’.) ___________________ In a week when James Frayne, founder of the Public First research agency, said the behaviour of the Prime Minister’s chief adviser “would not make the top 100” in the list of what families are worrying about this weekend .. and a poll for a prominent newspaper showed that a third of the public would have done the same as Mr Cummings if they had felt the welfare of their child was at risk .. we might wonder why the BBC (that venerable .. but increasingly vulnerable “Auntie”) have made this the main “news story” on so many days, and then centred their prime evening political programme upon it? Perhaps they feel they might be “getting their own back” at the man who, in 2004, described the BBC as the ‘mortal enemy of the Tory Party’ ? Yes, you guessed, that is what the non-elected, unofficial, Prime Minister’s personal adviser, Dominic Cummings said, when he was the director of a think-tank called the New Frontiers Foundation, some 16 years ago. Aren’t the Beeb good at remembering things (a.k.a. harbouring grudges) particularly when he combined it with the suggestion of turning them into a British version of Fox News – the conservatively-inclined broadcaster which has transformed the US media scene, once the dominion of the liberal-left. Then, just months ago, as “the virus” began to monopolise the BBC’s output, they gave us a profile of D.C. called ‘Taking Control; The Dominic Cummings story’. This exercise in character assassination said it would be talking to ‘his political enemies and hearing from his political allies’ .. except that what his allies said must have ended on the cutting-room floor. Oh, and the reporter on this programme .. one Emily Maitlis!


Throughout the rest of the world

How pleased they must be. The “Black Lives Matter” movement, that is. Oh, how daring this is, and exciting .. mentioning ‘BLM’ .. and not praising them ! Well, not criticising them, either .. just making the observation that they must be pleased .. that this vague “organisation”, without formal structure, without a defined and publicised leadership, without any financial requirement to account for income and expenditure and declare expenses .. has received in the region of $100,000,000 in funding from such agencies as - ‘Airbnb’ - Away’ - Coca-cola - Facebook - Ford Foundation - ‘Glossier’ - Nike - Uber - Warby Parker - YouTube .. and £400,000 (in 3 days) by crowd- funding in the UK. “Yes..y’all .. mighty pleased”. __________________ That ‘Chin-less Wunderkind’, the 28-year-old Prince Joachim of Belgium (nephew of King Philippe of Belgium and ninth in line to the throne, girls) got more than he bargained for after attending a ‘birthday bash’ in a private house in the city of Cordoba. Apparently he flew there so that he could breach social distancing rules with his Spanish girlfriend. So, what hadn’t he bargained for ? A dose (no, not of that) of Coronavirus – and a positive avalanche of castigation from the Spanish social media, whose children have been kept ordered indoors for the past 5 weeks. Where could he have picked up such appalling habits ? Surely not at Malvern College ? __________________ As President Chump confesses that he’s a prisoner in the White House and is afraid to emerge because of the “vicious dogs” which surround him on the lawns .. one wonders why the totally justified anger of countless people (of all ‘colors’) at the numerous deaths of unarmed and as-yet un-arrested fellow citizens (and as yet to be judged as anything other than Innocent, before trial) by members of numerous Police Forces, can in any way justify the examples of ‘ladies’ emerging from lingerie stores clasping armfuls of bras to their bosoms and of ‘men’ running several blocks while juggling several plasma-screen TVs above their heads ? Fear .. anger .. protest .. yes, understandable; but don’t sully the innocent memory of the dead (nor prejudice any forth- coming trials of those involved) by such vile displays of greed and avarice. ______________ “Tragedy declines into farce” we are told, as Tara Reade accuses Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual assault, back when she was a 29 year-old aide and he was a 51 year-old senator. And, true to American Presidential form, this is presumably not the first time, since the board of the New York Times have earlier “.. found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable ..” the paper ‘of liberal record’ recorded on 13 April . With the Arch-clown condemning himself by his own Tweets, Joe’s strategy is to look presidential by default. On the rare occasions Biden shows his face in public and speaks off the cuff he struggles to make sense, he mumbles and digresses, he mixes names and dates, he invents stories that never happened, he says bizarre and inappropriate things and then becomes oddly angry. His video messages in which he looks like he is incarcerated in a nursing home, with ‘his nurse’, his wife Dr. Jill Biden sitting next to him, panic on her face, as he staggers through the autocue script. Sometimes speaking for him while he nods and looks glazed. Should Biden say he has no recollection of Tara Reade and her claims he may well be telling the truth .. since he may well have no recollection of all kinds of things. Wandering hands .. wandering mind. And now he’s the Democrat most likely to succeed Chump and become the next ‘LFW’. (That’s social-media-speak for “Leader of the Free World”). “Heavens to Betsy” …