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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

And now, with elections in everyone’s mind, we can feel frightened .. .. by the alarming statistic revealed by the publicity (the Police’s own figures) accompanying the WalkSafe app. (see <News> page for further details). These statistics will really be something for the Police & Crime Commissioner to get his teeth stuck into, particularly now he’s managed to get re-elected. Now just hold on a darned cotton-pickin’ moment .. “.. got re-elected” ? Doesn’t that mean that the present (encumbrance) incumbent has been in charge while all these dastardly deeds transpired ? Perhaps of more use would be some cardboard cut-outs of the Crime Commissioner placed strategically around Wyre Forest streets - you know, just like the ones featured in a photo in his electoral material as one of the highlights of his tenure of office. Kind of reminds me of the (wise) words of the ‘Iron Duke’ (the Duke of Wellington) on observing the British troops at Waterloo .. “I don’t know what they do to the enemy .. but they scare the **** out of me !” ______________________ And talking about “being frightened” .. (be very, very afraid) .. .. for, after “having been dumped” (as The Shuttle so inelegantly puts it .. hardly the ‘proper’ thing to say about a lady ?) when it should have said she was ‘squeezed-out’ (and what girl doesn’t like a good squeeze ?) that ‘old war-horse’ of Wyre Forest politics (whoops .. there, I’ve gone and done it myself !) is threatening us all with the dystopian revelation of a Schwarzenargian return to regain “her” shire council seat of some 20 years (and isn’t it nice to be able say that you’ve got a ‘county seat’ ?). So, to quote that over-blown politician (the one from California) … “I’ll be barckh !” ______________________ We’re going to need photographs. To vote in the 2023 elections, that is. (It’s in the Tory Manifesto, so it must be true). It’s to cut down on election fraud, apparently. Going to be such fun .. standing in a long line, behind ‘Elsie’, from number 32, showing the Officiating Officer her photos .. “.. and this is one from 1988 when we were on holiday in Margate .. silly me, I dropped my ice-cream and was bending down to pick it up !” “.. and this is one of me at the Council meeting .. no, you can’t see much, Jackie Weaver had her hand over the lens !”


Throughout the UK

When ‘logging-on’ to receive Covid ‘Lateral Tests’ and receiving your NHS reference I.D. you are offered the opportunity to read various ‘terms and conditions’, naturally enough. What might put you off is the fact that their document .. ‘Guidance: Testing for coronavirus: privacy information – Quick Read’ contains just 5,617 words. A mere five and a half thousand words in what they consider a ‘quick read’ ! It took William Shakespeare just a mere 14,701 words to write the entire play “A Comedy of Errors”. Which one contains the biggest error ? _____________ Its difficult keeping track of who’s in or out of court these days - 30+ former Postmasters were in court, having been in court, incorrectly as it turns out, Some 700 are queuing-up behind them (what else do you do in a Post Office ?), Dame Paula Vennells isn’t in court (yet), other than the court-of-public-opinion, a “famous footballer” is in court, and might well ought to be there, but would we miss him if he were ? Dereck Chauvin’s had his day in court .. and may have many more days as well, Arlene Foster’s in court accusing our-own ‘Dr. Pimple-Popper” of slander, She’s also possibly “up” before her own MPs guilty of a loss-of-confidence, ‘Bumbling Boris’ is due to re-enact his “bumblement” in Parliament about something to do with wall-paper, or scatter cushions, of something, Three ex-Paras are accused of the murder of a murderer (even though there’s “no compelling evidence” come to light), … … … It’s all very confusing. I do wish our ‘elders and betters’ behaved better. ______________________ How might things fare, North ‘o the Border, in days ahead ? Whereas each person in England benefits from public spending worth £91 more than the taxes they paid, people in Wales receive £4,412, those in N. Ireland receive £5,118 higher than tax revenues respectively; whereas those living under Sturgeon’s “iron fist in a rusty glove” receive just £2,543. No wonder they’re not satisfied ! How dare the English pay the Scots only 28 times more than they do to themselves .. but less than half of what is contributed to those living south of their (potential) border in other parts of the Kingdom that they want to dis-unite ! And then there’s Scotland’s “national” deficit .. its some 8% .. and remember, if she wants to join the EU, she’s got to get it down to under 3% ! England’s is just 0.3% (some 28 times less). "An independent Scotland couldn't sustain annual levels of borrowing, year after year, at eight-and-a-half percent of GDP" - says Dr Gemma Tetlow [Institute for Government] The necessary adjustments would make ‘Tory austerity’ look like paradise – there’ll be nothing free, charges for everything, higher taxes all round, mortgages cashed-in (cause ‘foreign’ banks don’t offer such loans outside their own territories), major firms re-locating including the UK government departments which have been ‘devolved into the regions’, and a drop in exports from 4 / 5 ths of what Scotland sells ‘abroad’ down to next-to-nothing on established trade patterns; and that’s before the North Sea oil incomes are taken away because of ‘Green’ policies.


Throughout the rest of the world

As a Prime Minister, isn’t it good to know that you’ve got the strength of your armed forces behind you, so ‘cheer up’ Boris. Unless, of course, you’re a President. In which case you might either be .. President Joe Biden .. who’s had a group of more than 120 retired military officers write him an open letter to tell him his election was less than legitimate - while questioning his mental acuity. The group calls itself 'Flag Officers 4 America' and consists of retired military officers including generals and admirals or President Macron .. who’s been written an open letter penned by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a former French Army officer, and signed by some 120 former senior staffers and 1,000 lower ranked military personnel suggesting the possible need for a military coup because “France is in danger and several mortal perils threaten her.” Interesting that of the 70 Emperors to rule Rome between 14 and 395 AD, more died of assassination (23) than of natural causes (20), and that’s not even including those who were possibly assassinated (8), executed (3) or forced to commit suicide (5). ______________ You can always trust an Aussie to have a “good time’’ … So the commissioning of ‘HMAS Supply’ in Syndey Harbour was bound to descend into a ‘Bar-bie’ and the “splittin’ of a few ‘tins” .. but not quite what the No.1 Uniformed (White .. Tropical) dignitaries were expecting when the “101 ‘Doll Squadron’ dance troupe” burst into their pelvic-thrusting and bottom-twerking routines in front of the Chief of the Australian Defence Forces and assembled ranks drawn up to attention (I’ll bet). Andrew Hastie, the assistant defence minister, said that “the military’s main objective would always be “the application of lethal violence” to defend the country’s interests. We should never forget that,” .. and “our ‘cobber’ Andie” served in the SAS for five years and fought in Afghanistan .. so he’d know. _______________ A national Daily (who might/should have known better) carried the story … “Courtney Stodden has claimed ‘Chrissy Teigen would privately DM me on Twitter’ ..” I’m sorry but .. .. Courtney Stodden .. ? Chrissy Teigen .. ? “DM’d” .. ? Yes, ‘Twitter’ we have heard about .. it’s full of twits .. or tweets .. or whatever. Anyway, as great an authority as Donald John Trump - 45th President of the United States of America - has told us … “It’s all Fake News !” _______________ Another newspaper headline (yes, apparently they’re still publishing these things) and this time from across ‘the pond’ reads .. “I.P.A. Signing Bonuses and Free Subs: Luring Labor as a Beach Economy Booms” re-enforcing that old adage that we’re “two countries separated by a common language.” Apart from references to drink (I.P.A. should obviously refer to ‘India Pale Ale’ - that strong bottled beer which was shipped from Burton to ‘the Raj’ to fortify ‘the lads’ - and that ‘subs’ are the players that come on the field in the closing minutes of the game of soccer (‘footie’) as the manager watches his career disappear before the Directors’ eyes .. you’d never guess that it is a story about an expected surge in vacations (‘holidays’) at Rehoboth Beach, Del. (Del = Delaware, a small ‘Mid-Atlantic’ U.S. state which sits on a peninsula marked by dune-backed beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean) where they’re paying “signing bonuses” ( ? ) at gas stations (‘Petrol stations’) for youngsters to ‘pump gas’ (provide personal service for those too lazy or too fat to get out of their cars) as they look forward to cash-laden holiday-makers arriving for summer (when apparently it gets hot and dry, in America). Gosh .. what a giddy life they lead.