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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life …  … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Work on the Churchfields Urban Highway Improvement Scheme starts on Monday. Sounds just what we want .. however, in order to get it, we’ll have ‘left-turn only’ junctions, temporary traffic lights (although they’ll feel that you’ve been waiting there forever), pavements diverted, utility companies digging holes everywhere .. etc, etc. Ken (that’s ‘man-of-the-people’ Ken .. also known as Cllr. Ken Pollock, WCC’s “Cabinet Member for Economy and Infrastructure” - gosh, they do like their titles at County Hall) assures us that everything will be advertised in advance .. though it doesn’t make it any the less inconvenient just because we know it’s going to happen. Rather like going to the Dentist, knowing he’s going to pull your tooth out. And then, we’ll all benefit from Ken’s new ‘Super-Higthway’ .. until the new homes are built in that area and all those extra cars hit the streets.


“Look … !! “ as Chuka Umunna says at every possible opportunity, we now have over 50 MPs who were not voted for ! That is to say, if you look closely enough, 50 or so MPs have deserted their affiliations for the party (and manifesto) for which they stood for Parliament and either crossed the floor or had the whip withdrawn. And yet, now representing the ideals of a party that couldn’t find enough support to get their candidate elected, they still remain as the Honorable (!) Member for that constituency. So that’s 72,000 voters in 50 odd constituencies = 3,600,000 ‘disenfranchised’ voters ! Once upon a time, things were so bad that constituencies were called “rotten boroughs” .. now it’s the MPs that have brought things into disrepute. Isn’t it time for a “root-and- branch” overhaul of Parliament ? _____________________ With the Scottish judgement on prorogation, the politicisation of our judicial system seems complete. For centuries, the courts avoided interfering directly in political matters and now, thanks to Tony Blair’s 2003 reform of the legal system. they have become increasingly political and hungry to expand their jurisdiction. The Scottish judgement is an extreme example, based entirely on politics rather than any point of law - and promulgated without any supporting evidence. It is merely the personal view of the judges involved. Any legal substantiation is based on a Scottish law passed before the statues joining our two countries were passed into law (and so superseding those that went before). Even passing this judgement seems to fly in the face of the SNP’s position on independence - of one country imposing its viewpoint on another. And there’s the position of what Boris has done being “unconstitutional” in law .. when we don’t have a written constitution for him to have broken. Talk about ‘making it up as you go along’.


Throughout the rest of the world

Here’s an interesting view (of us) from across ‘the pond’ from veteran radio personality Garrison Keiller. “The beauty of Brexit for an American is that it gives us a glance at the debate in the House of Commons; an actual spirited debate, something unknown in our Congress, Conservative and Labor facing each other, two sword lengths apart, speaking in bursts of argument and rebuttal, no lengthy droning allowed, members free to jeer and laugh, the Honorable Speaker of the House John Bercow crying out, “Order!” which to an American sounds like he is referring to ordure or ordering hors d’oeuvres. Nancy Pelosi never shouts “Order” in our House because hardly anyone is present. They’re all in their offices, on the phone, raising money. As for the Senate, it is a hospice. And this is why journalists focus on White House twittering. If the Chief Twit tweets, “Boogers on you, dum-dum. Talk to the hand,” it will be front-page for at least half an hour, and we’ll learn that no president in history ever used the “boogers on you” insult. How interesting. This is the current state of our democracy.” ________________________ So ‘VDL’ announces her ‘team’. That’s Ursula von der Leyen, as she’s known to her (very few) friends. “Ursula who ?” I hear you ask.  Why, the President Elect of the EU, of course. Silly you. Our Fuhrer in charge for the next few years .. should we fail to escape. And her ‘team’ ?  Why nothing but the best. #1 “.. a dedicated and convinced European !” #2. “.. a true believer in Europe !” #3 “.. first and foremost, a European !” Never mind the fact that they all have been the subject (or still are, including VDL herself) of investigations for fraudulent or underhand activities. That’s Europe for you .. .. !