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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

With the Environment Agency (known as “EV” to its friends .. its very few friends) publishing their report on the ‘Beales Corner’ flooding in Bewdley (its nice work when you can get to criticise your own work !), we translate for you … “Since trials began in 2006 .. ‘That’s 15 years ago, buried in the mists of time .. the temporary barrier system .. Temporary .. what’s 15 years ? .. is believed to have been deployed some 25 times .. We think, but we aren’t sure .. and the EV’s understanding of the resilience of the system .. We’re only now starting to find out .. has evolved over that period.” But we didn’t know what we were doing when we started.’ “The structure of the barrier performed as designed .. ‘THAT was a lucky guess .. but the sliding forces at the bottom were too great .. But we got our sums wrong .. causing the barrier to move.” Now who could have predicted that ?’ The results of it all ? 1.We’re having the road re-surfaced We’ve managed to palm that one off onto the County Council 2. We’re re-designing the barriers Possibly using the same crew as before 3. We’re asking communities to “be prepared” Let them look after themselves.” What was it that Marie Antoinette said .. “Let them eat cake ?” Actually, she didn’t. It might have been “Let them eat Brioche” (a bread of French origin whose high egg and butter content gives it a rich and tender crumb) but whose expensive ingredients would have put it out of reach of the starving peasantry _ but she was also being accused of being profligate, promiscuous, harbouring sympathies for France's perceived enemies, particularly her native Austria, and of her children of being illegitimate .. But that’s the French for you. ______________ Here’s an interesting ‘snippet’ since Care Home funding is featuring so prominently in the news at the moment .. .. The average elderly person spends just 3 years in a Care Home. That’s all the time they have left.


Throughout the UK

That doyenne of the ‘U-turn’ has been doyenning again .. as “Little Nicky” calls for a crackdown on the oil industry .. a far cry from her stance as oil industry cheerleader. Could Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon’s “conversion” to climate change activist and fossil fuel critic be that she’s “romancing” the Scottish Green Party for their votes in any ‘IndieRef2’? (IndieRef 2 .. just when you thought it was safe to ask for a Single Malt - with a side order of haggis). The extent of her volte-face can be seen from the North Sea’s abundant oil resources being at the heart of the case for independence since the 1970s ,when the Scottish National Party campaigned fiercely on the slogan “It’s Scotland’s Oil”. As the now infamous McCrone Report predicted, tax revenues from Scotland’s newfound oil wealth would destroy the argument that it didn’t possess the economic resources to stand on its own two feet. And now she says “she does nay wan’it.” ‘Lady’s privilege’, I presume ?


Throughout the rest of the world

Makes you wonder how ‘Bertie’ got away with it ! That’s Edward VII of the United Kingdom, called "Bertie" by his family after "Albert", one of his given names. His genial good humour and confident bonhomie made him a great success with he ladies (and also with those you really couldn’t call ‘ladies’) and he gained a reputation as a playboy. Determined to get some army experience, he attended manoeuvres in Ireland, during which he spent three nights with an actress, Nellie Clifden, who was hidden in the camp by his fellow officers .. this ‘tryst’ being the origin of soldiers saying to each other “I’m ‘Going On Manoeuvres’ tonight .. !” (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink). So we shouldn’t be too critical of America’s latest ‘playboy’ and ‘crash-and-burn’ politician, a once hugely popular and trusted politician - New York governor Andrew Cuomo - who has announced he would be stepping down so as not to be a "distraction" for the government .. now that he’s got at least 11 women accusing him of “sexual harassment”. Why, that’s even more than Prince Andrew is being pursued by ! ____________ The ‘delta’ variant (heaven forfend that we call it by the name of some country or other) is supposedly ‘the World's MOST transmissible Covid variant' and has been spotted in 31 countries: though scientists are baffled why the more lethal, more infectious Lambda strain isn't taking over from Delta. Just to prepare everyone for the future, here is the complete Greek alphabet:- Α α, Alpha Β β, Beta Γ γ, Gamma Δ δ, Delta Ε ε, Epsilon Ζ ζ, Zeta Η η, Eta Θ θ, Theta Ι ι, Iota Κ κ, Kappa Λ λ, Lambda Μ μ, Mu Ν ν, Nu Ξ ξ, Xi Ο ο, Omicron Π π, Pi Ρ ρ, Rho Σ σ/ς, Sigma Τ τ, Tau Υ υ, Upsilon Φ φ, Phi Χ χ, Chi Ψ ψ, Psi .. and Ω ω. Omega So there’s plenty of names for Variants yet to be discovered.