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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

We’re going to need photographs. To vote in the 2023 elections, that is. (It’s in the Tory Manifesto, so it must be true). It’s to cut down on election fraud, apparently. Going to be such fun .. standing in a long line, behind ‘Elsie’, from number 32, showing the Officiating Officer her photos .. “.. and this is one from 1988 when we were on holiday in Margate .. silly me, I dropped my ice-cream and was bending down to pick it up !” “.. and this is one of me at the Council meeting .. no, you can’t see much, Jackie Weaver had her hand over the lens !” ____________ Just how long can some folks hold on to a “dumb idea” ? Well, seventeen months .. apparently. Cllr. Helen Dyke (Localism) reminds us all that what Mark Garnier considers a “dumb idea” - ‘converting the governance of Bewdley Town Museum into a self-standing charity’ - first came up for adoption at a Full Council meeting in September 2019 as part of the District Council’s ‘Corporate Plan’. So it’s been “hiding in plain sight” for all that time. Dumb indeed. _______________ We’re all a little poorer for the loss of ‘Sir Tom’. Some folks want to treasure this national treasure a little longer and to have a road re- named in his honour (or until such time as a future ‘woke’ generation find that serving your country, wearing medals and being dammed brave is something to be condemned and start screaming for the road to be re-re-named to something with a ‘calmer karma’). As Cllr. Ballinger says .. “The Council will be seriously considering the idea. A man like this comes along only once in our life-times. !” ______________ Then there’s the exhortation to ‘Stop the flooding by not eating meat’. Apparently, according to ‘Our Ron’, it’s the Welsh sheep grazing upland slopes which are to blame (possibly because they keep the bracken at bay or, possibly, because of the natural by-products of eating grass ‘.. contaminating atmospheres and blackening the skies’) .. or, alternatively, growing maize (though I like a bit of sweet-corn as much as the next Vegan). So .. no meat = no sheep. Shame that .. the sheep might prefer to have some sort of life (even on a wet Welsh hillside) than never to have been given the chance to be born at all. After all, no meat = no farms = no sheep (and, incidentally, derelict countryside). Or, maybe, we could combine re-wilding with Welsh sheep-farming, and have the sheep roaming the hillsides as a potential food source for the wolves, lynx and bears that many prominent ‘naturists’ are actively promoting to be re-introduced to our countryside ?


Throughout the UK

What a treat ! A treat indeed ! Something to look-forward to ! We’re soon to be regaled, in our very-own sitting rooms, by Princess Meghan and former- Lieutenant Wales, telling us ‘all’ - (at least he passed beyond the ‘Young Snotty’ stage). But then, there’s Harry, almost a citizen of America by now (except he’s ‘flunked’ even those qualifications) being ‘stripped’ of his military uniforms (shock .. horror) since he’s now chosen to have no good reason or opportunity to wear them. Still, there’s always that WW2 Wehrmacht uniform lingering at the back of the wardrobe which some flunky can dust-down .. “for old times sake” .. (and re-call past days of glory spent on Las Vegas). _______________ It doesn’t matter which half of “The Krankies” are ‘leading’ the SNP, neither of them has “got what it takes.” No .. not gall, gob or glamour; we’re talking cash, spondulix, dough, shekels .. they lack THE MONEY. Although SNP polling is looking promising ahead of Scottish elections in May (a Datawrapper model showed the SNP on course for 53 percent of the vote - while the Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour languished on around 19 and 18 percent respectively) the cold hard fact is that the SNP is in absolutely no financial position to fight a second independence campaign this year, or next year, or any year soon. Two unscheduled UK general elections have stripped its coffers bare. The SNP had £411,000 cash in hand at the end of 2018. Two more election campaigns – the 2019 European and general elections – and by 2019/2020 their published accounts show that the party has just under £97,000 cash in hand. With the SNP usually spending some £1.5million on campaigns for Holyrood votes and its assets decreasing (from around £1.3million the previous year to £1.1million) and its liabilities increasing (from around £1.1million to over £1.2million) senior SNP sources say that their enquiries about where ring-fenced funding have gone had been "met with a brick wall”. Even data from the Electoral Commission (if they’re to be trusted) show the SNP's expenditure (£5,609,024) was higher than its income (£5,290,815). And ‘Madame’s’ support seems to have started wavering. Prominent pro-independence blog 'Wings Over Scotland' published a damning verdict on Ms. Sturgeon branding the Scottish leader "the betrayer" !


Throughout the rest of the world

What will President Joe’s first job be now he’s back in the White House .. .. don’t forget, he’s been there before .. .. perhaps he’ll remember where things are ? Why .. .. to “Fill the Swamp, back up !” _________ What does Putin (or, for that matter, Kim or Xi Jinping) think will be next ? Why .. .. “Let’s make America Grovel, again !” _________ Seems strange that, in the American election, the “Final Campaign Push” was done with .. .. a Zimmer frame ? _________ “I look for a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their skin .. but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King “I looked for .. a woman .. a woman of colour .. to run for Vice President .. .. that right, Hon’ ?” Joe Biden _________ Time to play ‘Softball’ at the White House press conferences .. .. “Have you got a racquet, Hunter ?” _________