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Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Just in case you weren’t one of the ‘select’ 30 who attended the county’s ‘wedding of the year’ as the new Marquess and Marchioness of Worcester, Henry Robert FitzRoy Somerset 31, and his fiancée, Lucy Yorke-Long, 34, plighted their troths, we’ll let you know that there were no wedding day nerves for the groom – motto Mutare vel timere sperno .. I scorn to fear, and no shortage of bedrooms for the guests with the perfect venue at their disposal - the 40 bedroomed Badminton House, the sumptuous Gloucestershire family seat inherited by ‘Bobby’ Worcester's father, 'Bunter', when he succeeded as the 12th Duke of Beaufort following his own father's death in 2017. The Marquess of Worcester is well able to stomp-up the ackers to fund the wedding since he stands to inherit his father's estimated £315 million fortune, which includes the 52,000- acre estate in Gloucestershire; and former estate agent Lucy is perfectly equipped to fit in. “She's a smasher - with a ready smile and a warm welcome,” we are told. “And she loves riding.” Does she just ? Dad, the Duke of Beaufort, ‘Bunter’ Beaufort, the father of the groom, married journalist Georgia Powell two years ago after divorcing his eco-crusader wife Tracy. Family friend Taki, that indefatigable playboy, assures us that “You never have a bad time at Badminton,” with lack in numbers being made up for in ‘style’. Historical footnote: The Dukes of Beaufort, whose seat was formerly Raglan Castle, descend in the male line from the House of Plantagenet through John of Gaunt, son of Edward III. The Duke of Beaufort holds two subsidiary titles: Marquess of Worcester (created 1642) and Earl of Worcester (1514). The title Marquess of Worcester is used as a courtesy title by the duke's eldest son and heir. ______________________ If you live in Wychavon District Council or Malvern Hills District Council you will have received a ‘sincerely apology’ from Vic Allison, your District Council chief executive, for the more than 2,600 email addresses of people on the two council’s housing waiting lists being revealed to each other when they were contacted about how to register for a new system. Obviously it wasn’t Vic himself - perish the thought (.. of writing some 2,600 e.mails) - and he assures folks that no other information has been shared and that the risk remains ‘low’. Still, someone’s been “.. a very naughty, naughty boy” and deserves to have to write-out that ‘sincere apology’. .. perhaps 2,600 times ?


Throughout the UK

And yet more about that wee fannybaws - my, does she help fill up the column inches ! So just what is young Nicola hiding underneath her kilt ? And, as the veil starts to lift, we see .. .. it’s yet another plea for an “independence” referendum .. .. called, so eloquently by none other than former Labour MP George Galloway, a “Neverendum”. Apparently ‘Gorgeous George’ (remember those pink tights ?) is ‘stirring-up a whooley’ on social media north of the border as he advances the cause of a new political campaign group, ‘Alliance for Unity’, which plans to secure the defeat of the SNP in May 2021 and bring an end to the interminable ride on the ferris-wheel that Scotland’s endured for the past 13 years. “Our case is simple, the Scottish people have spoken. The referendum was literally called decisive in the Edinburgh agreement which established the referendum. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon said a thousand times, maybe 5,000 times, that this was a 'once in a generation referendum', sometimes they even said 'once in a lifetime'.” How strange to be in agreement with George on such matters. His comments come as Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine reminded the First Minister more than half of the people in Scotland do not support her. ________________ Scotland .. the well that never runs dry .. .. So what have Rowan Atkinson (comedian), Val McDermid (Authoress), Elaine C Smith (comedienne), Peter Tatchell (human rights campaigner), A C Grayling (philosopher) and Nick Ross (TV presenter) in common; together with the Law Society of Scotland, the Scottish Newspaper Society, the Scottish Police Federation, the Catholic Church & the Humanist Society – Scotland ? Why, .. .. their opposition to the “unintended consequences” if the SNP’s controversial hate crimes legislation is passed into law. The ‘wee tartan terror’ risks stifling freedom of expression and rational debate (but there’s nothing new there) and arousing widespread concern that the planned law currently making its way through Holyrood will have a chilling impact on freedom of speech, and could see people investigated and prosecuted for voicing views seen by others as inflammatory or controversial. Of course, there are other “unintended consequences” .. .. ! Those (of us) who see the views of ‘Independence for Scotland’ as both “inflammatory and controversial” will be able to make good use of this legislation in declaring SNP literature, its manifestos and myriad speeches as falling foul of their own law. Such material to be condemned as unlawful and branded as (the crime that dare not speak its name) “a ‘hate’ crime” .. .. !! “Bring it on, yie ‘wee tartan terror’.” ________________ Nicola Sturgeon, (och aye the noo, tovarish), when confronted with the possibility that Russia has sought to upend our democratic norms, responded in characteristic manner, by attacking the UK government and demanding a fuller inquiry into what the Russians have done and why the English must be to blame. And over her (nervous) shoulder is the man who has become her bête noire in recent years Alex Salmond, who was her former mentor and predecessor at Bute House. Complicit in substantiating her beliefs in ‘conspiracies’ must be that former First Minister’s hosting of his own weekly show on ‘Russia Today’, the Kremlin-funded broadcaster, alongside the exotically named former MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. John le Carre, if you had written this plot-line, not even David Cornwell would have believed you.


Throughout the rest of the world

So, they’re “off and running” .. in the biggest “pork pie” contest in the world !! In the ‘red’ corner .. the 74 year-old haircut .. who has run 6 businesses into bankruptcy in the past 18 years (but has still to equal President ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln in that respect) In the ‘blue’ corner .. the 78 year-old Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. .. who has already spent 8 years just a heart-beat away from being President (V-P to Obama). But just so you don’t get the idea that’s it’s a ‘two horse’ race .. the other contesting parties are .. Blue and buff – Whig Party (United States) Gold with dark grey– Libertarian Party. Green – Green Party. Orange – Modern Whig Party. Purple – Constitution Party (Veterans Party of America) My .. what ‘color-ful’ people those ‘colonialists’ are. _______________________ Who would have thought it ? So many lovely ladies fancying their chances to be the mate* of a 78 year-old! Kamala Harris (55) Senator for California Susan Rice (55) Former US ambassador to the UN Elizabeth Warren (71) Senator for Massachusetts Val Demings (63) Congresswoman for Florida Stacey Abrams (46) Former gubernatorial candidate for Georgia Karen Bass (66) Congresswoman for California Tammy Duckworth (52) Senator for Illinois former Army pilot who lost both her legs in the Iraq War after her helicopter was shot down by insurgents. Ms Duckworth, an Asian American, later retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel Keisha Lance Bottoms (50) Mayor of Atlanta Tammy Baldwin (58) Senator for Wisconsin openly gay Gretchen Whitmer (48) Governor of Michigan Michelle Lujan Grisham (60) Governor of New Mexico And the ‘lucky man’, if indeed he is “lucky” (and can “make their day”).. why, none other than that ‘old goat’ Joe Biden (who would be entering the White House at the age when Ronald Regan was leaving). * We obviously mean ‘running mate’ for the position of Vice President of the United States of America