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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Nice to see representatives of the local Labour Party ‘out-and-about’ and exercising in the (relatively) fresh air of Bewley Road North and taking-a-breather outside the eponymously named “28.A” (so reminiscent of “221.B”). How delightful to see them observing the “rule-of-six” (as opposed to the “Sign of Four”) in these plague-ridden times .. and sporting a delightfully sartorial range of ‘de-rigueur’ face-masks. (Don’t worry, lads and lassies, we still know who you are). What a shame that their efforts to highlight their perceived ill-treatment of Wyre Forest children (though many reminiscing might say that being deprived of a school meal would have done them a favour) will have been so significantly overshadowed by the publication of the report by the Equality & Human Rights Commission accusing yesterday’s-man Jeremy Corbyn of “serious failings in leadership” of a party which "at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it". One good lesson which our Wyre Forest bods could teach him (seeing as we’re on a schools-related issue) is .. how to wear a face-mask. “You stick it over your nose, too, Jerry !” Nought out of any number you care to mention. “Go to the back of the class benches!” __________________ Here’s a ‘quickie’ .. .. “When is a bus .. not a bus ?” “I don’t know .. when is a bus .. not a bus ?” “When it’s a death-trap !” Conniston Coaches bosses have had their licenses revoked and been disqualified for 5 years for their maintenance schedules and paperwork being so dysfunctional that “the public were put at risk” (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The bosses’ solicitor said that “they denied forgery” for vehicles which should have been ‘safety-checked’ every 6 weeks but which hadn’t had one for 18 months !


Throughout the UK

An interesting interpretation on a photograph published last week .. showing the lonely figure of Dominic ‘C’ taking his “walk of shame” having been ‘fired’ by a ‘strong’ Bo-Jo. Or .. as interpreted by a film editor with some 45 years experience in the ‘trade’ .. strange that .. the camera is ‘dead centre’ to the doorway - a position never before tolerated by journalists eager to shout their important questions across the road at a retreating Jaguar he’s beautifully ‘lit’ there are no staff there to ‘cheer him off’, or even hold the door open there’s not even a ‘copper’ on duty on the pavement (unheard of) and, if that weren’t enough to convince you that this wasn’t all ‘stage-managed - to the bitter end’ .. all that time with his own office and staff, and his life can fit into one cardboard box ? and he’s so ‘super-fit’ that he can carry that oh-so-heavy box all the way down Downing Street and into Whitehall without breaking into a sweat ? What do you think ? _________________ It’s difficult these days to know who’s “running the country” .. .. Is it .. Michael Gove .. expectantly Rushi Sunak .. not impossibly Dom. Cummings .. well, not at the moment (though so many newspapers ‘reliably’ informed us that he’d leave “at Christmas” .. but then, Christmas can be a remarkably short time in politics) Lee Cain .. Lee who ? Boris Johnson .. formerly Carrie Symonds .. definitely (remind me, someone .. she’s the elected representative for which constituency ?) Oh, there’s this delightful piece of trivia on the papers .. in No. 10, behind her back, (obviously) .. she’s known as “Princess Nut Nuts”. Says it all .. and wasn’t it President Nixon who said “.. forget ‘hearts and minds’ - when you’ve got them by the ba**s, their ‘hearts and minds’ will follow !” Obviously works with Boris. _______________ Well, Remembrance Sunday .. .. that was one to remember. All (well, most) of the usual characters were there .. and Her Majesty (perched) on her balcony like some magnificent (Scottish ?) bird-of-prey, waiting for some minion to ‘fall- out-of-line’ so that she could pounce. And who did ‘fall-out-of-line’, this year ? Certainly not the Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward - 56) nor the Duke of Kent (Prince Michael), now showing his 78 years. Noticeable by their absence were the Duke of York (a.k.a. Prince Andrew) presumably on the instructions of H.M. - and the Duke of Sussex (a.k.a. Prince (still) Harry) presumably on the instructions of H.M. (Her Meghanship). So, ‘fallers’ who didn’t ‘come-up-to-scratch’. Nearly falling out-of-line was Pasan Kularatne, a former Colonel in the Sri Lankan army, who was briefly taken ill but returned to complete the veterans’ march. A soldier of the Scots Guards went the ‘whole hog’ and fainted, falling completely out-of- line and measuring his length; being promptly stretchered off. The other person who fell (or rather, he was pushed-out-of-line) was an aged, lone, Scottish piper who, advancing menacingly against the serried ranks of the London Police carrying that most threatening of musical instruments, the bagpipes, was pushed to the ground by a ‘copper’ of probably fewer years service (and possibly of fewer years). How ‘out-of-line’ was that ? Hardly the ‘appropriate’ and ‘measured’ response. And what a warning to Covid deniers, given the headline that “Ministers warn lockdown flouters that the police are preparing to escalate their response !” So they’re presumably using unarmed, retired musicians as a ‘warm-up’ training exercise for E.R. (that’s ‘Extinction Rebellion’ .. not ‘Her Majesty’). [The Metropolitan Police have been contacted for their response.] _________________ Here’s a ‘witty’ one .. .. (prepare for a premature ‘Christmas Cracker’ .. !) .. .. In Dickens’ time it was the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ that wanted to save Scrooge. These days, it’s Scrooge who’s trying to save the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ .. !! “Boom - boom, Boris !”


Throughout the rest of the world

Here’s a useful pub quiz question (for when we can back into pubs for quizzes) .. “What do these political ‘hot-heads’ have in common (besides hot-headed-ness) _ Abiy Ahmed Aung San Suu Kyi Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, ?” And the answer is … Both the Ethiopian Prime Minister (2019), the Prime Minister of Myanmar (1991), and the President of the Palestinian National Authority (1994) are all recipients of the ‘Peace Prize’ from Sweden’s Nobel Institute. Even though Abiy’s lauded efforts “to achieve peace and international cooperation” have now turned into a country-wide conflagration, with some critics making claims of ethnic cleansing .. ! Even though Aung is now an international pariah accused of defending genocide in Burma .. ! Even though Yasser, that ‘Carlsberg’ of the Middle East (“..probably the most notorious terrorist in the world”) was co-incidentally ‘between Interfadas’ when it came to prize-giving time .. ! It would appear that being given this gong doesn’t bring about lasting peaceful intents. How surprising is that ? P.S. Accompanying the Prize and the gong itself, and the applause and accolades, is some 10 Million Nordic Krone (which, though it sounds a lot, is ‘just’ £837,540.00 at today’s rate of exchange .. but that’s quite a bit of ex“change”). _______________ And now that the votes are ‘In’ .. well, most of them .. well, some of them .. well, all the ‘wrong’ votes .. that’s apart from those which are still coming-in (i.e. posted and franked before voting day, but not yet delivered and counted) .. .. And .. ? And Donald is STILL the President of the United States .. and will continue to remain so, constitutionally, for some 74 days, until ‘Sleepy Joe’ is sworn into office .. or until the Supreme Court (with a preponderance of Republican Judges - three of whom Donald ‘hand-selected’ and swore into office, personally) says otherwise. Come on .. isn’t he just a wonderful, colourful character, who puts the rest of the world leaders to shame ? _______________ ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden disapproves of the UK freeing itself from rule by an external power, i.e. the EU. Presumably, in 1775 he’d have fought against American independence ? _______________ And who do we find ‘bleating’ loudest about Trump resorting to ‘the law’ to maintain his opinion even in the light of a popular vote against his point of view ? Why .. they are the ‘popularists’ (but not that popular) who resorted to ‘the law’ to overturn that ‘popular’ Brexit Vote which we had recently. “Sauce for the Goose is also sauce for the Gander” .. particularly at Christmas time.


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