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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

And now that elections loom large once again, we can feel frightened .. .. by the alarming statistic revealed by the publicity (the Police’s own figures) accompanying the WalkSafe app. (see <News> page for further details). These statistics will really be something for the Police & Crime Commissioner to get his teeth stuck into, particularly if he manages to get re-elected. Now just hold on a darned cotton-pickin’ moment .. “.. if he gets re-elected” ? Doesn’t that mean that the present (encumbrance) incumbent has been in charge while all these dastardly deeds transpired ? Perhaps of more use would be some cardboard cut-outs of the Crime Commissioner placed strategically around Wyre Forest streets - you know, just like the ones featured in a photo in his electoral material as one of the highlights of his tenure of office. Kind of reminds me of the (wise) words of the ‘Iron Duke’ (the Duke of Wellington) on observing the British troops at Waterloo .. “I don’t know what they do to the enemy .. but they scare the **** out of me !” _____________________ Strange that some people just want to complain .. and even stranger that some people (sorry, just the one person) wants to complain on behalf of someone (who they’ve probably never met) and who was, probably, one of the most complained-about persons that you could meet. So, “Sorry”, to that (singular) person if reading a candidate’s electoral material has offended (when no offence was intended) on an average day-of-the-week (and not even the Sabbath) and (possibly) being “disrespectful” about a person who we have quoted as having shouted … “Yak, yak, yak; come on get a move on" … at our dear Queen. Perhaps “he” might have been tempted to say … “Oh, get on with it !” ? ______________________ We’re going to need photographs. To vote in the 2023 elections, that is. (It’s in the Tory Manifesto, so it must be true). It’s to cut down on election fraud, apparently. Going to be such fun .. standing in a long line, behind ‘Elsie’, from number 32, showing the Officiating Officer her photos .. “.. and this is one from 1988 when we were on holiday in Margate .. silly me, I dropped my ice-cream and was bending down to pick it up !” “.. and this is one of me at the Council meeting .. no, you can’t see much, Jackie Weaver had her hand over the lens !”


Throughout the UK

With a forthcoming by-election in Hartlepool in the offing, the results of a poll - conducted by Survation on behalf of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) - are of interest. The CWU general secretary, Dave Ward, who once described the centre-ism of ‘Terrible Tony’ Blair as “a virus”, should pay more attention to the most important finding of the poll, namely that the Conservative candidate currently has a seven point lead over Labour in a seat that last turned blue in 1959. In other words, the people of Hartlepool are so Left-wing that they are contemplating voting Conservative. ‘Dave’ might be looking forward to a Labour loss (!) since his will be the first voice calling for Starmer’s resignation as Labour leader. Don’t forget it’s Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC MP - a man quite capable of putting his own career at risk without ‘Dave’s’ “help” - after he posted a video online highlighting his visit on (Good) Friday to Jesus House at the ‘All The Nations Church’ in Brent, north London, and lauding its contribution to the roll-out of the vaccination programme .. .. .. and then retracting that support when reminded of church's senior pastor, Agu Irukwu, speaking out against ‘same sex’ marriage and equality legislation. The man has firm Nigerian beliefs on LGBT+ ‘gay’ rights. That’s one thing .. but a Labour Campaign branding the church's work - opening as a vaccination centre in a community with a low vaccination take-up - as "unacceptable" .. .. is also “unacceptable”. ____________________ And as for that “Wee Willie Crankie” north of the ‘boar-dar’ .. can she kindly shut-up about her having “saved” Scutland ? It’s not the sacrifices that the Scottish people have made in the lockdown that’s beating Covid, it’s vaccines. She can never admit that, indeed she even tries to take some of the credit for the roll-out, referring to how many vaccines ‘we’, meaning her government, had given people. But it was the British government that supplied them; all she did was dish them out - often with help from the British Army. “And the introduction of the ‘Alba’ party doesn’t have the look of a great political breakthrough but has all the hallmarks of a tired and much diminished political figure wanting his ego fed with a dish of revenge, served cold.” So says Pete Wishart, the veteran SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire.


Throughout the rest of the world

“Give the lad a chance” I hear the cry, now he’s got himself a ‘real’ job (and not just hanging aimlessly around several palaces) . The Duke of Sussex will study “the misinformation and disinformation crisis in America” (about which he’s told us he knows a lot .. ain’t that the truth) and will be sitting alongside Rupert Murdoch's daughter-in-law Kathryn, co-founder and president of Quadrivium, a foundation that promotes voter participation, democracy reform and climate change projects, on a commission aiming to combat the “avalanche of misinformation.” No, hold on, its not a ‘real’ job, its just a six-month project with the Aspen Institute’s new ‘Commission on Information Disorder’. And its unpaid. And then again, isn’t it “bad form” to be working alongside Mrs. Murdoch when he is currently suing the owners of both the Mirror and the Sun (the Murdochs) for phone hacking ? OK, then; perhaps being a ‘Chief Impact Officer’ is a ‘real’ job ? Well he will be getting a salary (or equity) from BetterUp (a company whao abviously con’t spall). BetterUp Inc. is a Californian firm (established as long ago as 2013) which specialises in a kind of ‘corporate life-coaching’, describing its aims to “help people become the best version of themselves”, “pioneer growth for the whole person”, and to “re-frame how we think about human flourishing”. Its stated values include courage (dare often and greatly)”, zest (what sets you apart makes us unique)”, and craftspersonship. Apparently that’s what they call a ‘real’ job .. in California. _____________ In 2017 Prince Harry revealed his own mental health problems associated with the tragic death of his mother when talking to Bryony Gordon in a podcast which is still available online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZzp84rtCbs . He says that he would not have done anything about this had it not been for the persistence of his brother Prince William (when they were still speaking), who urged him to get professional help. He was praised for his openness and his contribution to breaking-down barriers to accessing mental-health help. A scant 4 years later he appears to have forgotten so many things _ o how to identify that help is needed o how to access it o how to give it o what he owes his brother. As co-founder of a mental health initiative ‘Heads Together’ (with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), why did Prince Harry not act quickly to persuade his depressed wife that she needed treatment and to arrange a medical appointment for her? Oprah Winfrey seems to have overlooked asking many pertinent questions. Perhaps, in the sunny, bank-rolled, Californian enclaves of ‘La-la-land’ .. (“We don’t call them ‘ghettos’ when they’re screened by 30-foot hedges, darhhling!”) ‘forgetfulness’ is endemic ? _____________ Not wanting any ‘sister’ of the ‘sisterhood’ to “hold-back” and resist from “free expression” .. it comes a little ‘close-to-the-bone’ when a sister vents herself on her sibling as being ..‘cold-hearted’ .. .. ‘controlling’ .. .. a ‘monster’ .. .. and that her wedding was ‘rotten to its core’. Generating the headline - “Hell-Cat on the Loose” in ‘The Spectator’ - these words are the comments of Samantha regarding her sister, taken from her new book ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister’. Miaow, indeed. And, if you’re still a little slow in realising to whom we refer; why, it’s none other than that disciple of ‘woke’, Californian, ‘virtue-signalling’ .. the wife of former Lieut. Windsor.