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Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Want a swim .. ? You’ll need to buy a car, first ! The magnificently named “Baldieman64”, whose letter appears in The Shuttle (01/07 edition), berates the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre for being the only place to have a swim, now that the baths at Kidderminster and Stourport towns have both closed (we remember the fight against that). Presumably it was a ploy to make everyone go to the ‘new’ pool and make that financially viable. “Baldieman64” makes the point that it requires a car to get anywhere near to the new pool from most places in Wyre Forest. He more ‘right’ than he knows ! A quick look (there’s not that much to see) at the Leisure Centre website tells us that you can take out a 12 month swim contract (just for ‘lane swimming’ - there’s no “fun” involved - ‘serious swimmers’ only !). Oh; but there’s one exception. For those wanting a little “fun” they recommend going to the ‘Family Fun’ sessions at ‘Romsey Rapids Sports Complex’. And that’s when you need to get the car out … … ‘cause the ‘Complex’ is in … SOUTHAMPTON !! Still fancy some “fun”, “Baldieman64” ? ___________________ Kidderminster’s closing ! Well .. many of the roads are .. but, fortunately its for genuine improvements, not those ‘eco’ closures that have brought such misery to so many Londoners. Starting on Thursday 15th - Dixon Street will be closed for .. 15 days Monday 19th - New Road will be closed for .. 19 days - Radford Road will be closed for .. 19 days Tuesday 20th - Sion Hill will be closed for .. 20 days and, slightly further a-field, in Hartlebury, Wednesday 21st - Droitwich Road will be closed for.. 21 nights well, they do things differently in Hartlebury. ___________________


Throughout the UK

The Police are seeking the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service over its investigation into the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner. ‘Allegedly’ (as that wily editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop – E.Lit. 2:1, Magdelen, Oxford - is always prefacing his comments) the recently successful Conservative candidate is ‘dancing on pin-heads’ as he defends his criminal record of Drunk Driving. The Electoral Commission guidance says candidates for police and crime commissioner posts cannot stand for election if they have been convicted of an offence punishable with a prison sentence and, since his offence did not, at the time, have imprisonment in the sentencing guidelines, he stood for the (highly remunerative) office. Let us make absolutely clear (without any appearance of the work ‘Allegedly’) that this did not take place in West Mercia and relates exclusively to Jonathon Seed and the position in Wiltshire and the investigation being undertaken by the Thames Valley Constabulary. The Wiltshire councillor, Jonathon Seed, who won a combined total of 47% of the vote, had previously insisted he had declared his 30-year-old conviction to the party in his application for the role. His party, note; not the Electoral Commission nor the Police. "Party officials confirmed my belief that my offence did not disqualify me," Mr Seed said. He faced competition from five other candidates for the role, which involves holding Wiltshire Police to account, overseeing a budget and setting its priorities; but so traumatic has the procedure been that Mark Andrew, chairman of the organisation representing more than 1,000 police officers across Wiltshire has gone public with frustrations over the apparent snub from candidates of all parties … none of the others in the election “.. have bothered to pick up the phone and register their interest in stranding in the re-run which is scheduled for 10th August.” So, if you’re interested, “give Mark a bell” on 01225 256926, or visit Wiltshire PCC home (wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk) ________________ It’s true, what they say .. “.. and then two come along at once !” “I know we're both sons of Pakistani bus drivers, .. but we're different people”. Newly promoted (if you call it ‘promotion’ ?) Health Secretary Sajid Javid mocked Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner for repeatedly confusing him with London mayor Sadiq Khan. Here’s a clue, Angela: one of them sits on the ‘Blue’ side of the House, on the green benches .. the other isn’t even a Member of Parliament ! ________________ When ‘logging-on’ to receive Covid ‘Lateral Tests’ and receiving your NHS reference I.D. you are offered the opportunity to read various ‘terms and conditions’, naturally enough. What might put you off is the fact that their document .. ‘Guidance: Testing for coronavirus: privacy information – Quick Read’ contains some 5,617 words. A staggering five and a half thousand words in what they consider a ‘quick read’ ! It took William Shakespeare just a mere 14,701 words to write the entire play “A Comedy of Errors”. Which one contains the biggest error ? And which one’s just a joke ? _____________


Throughout the rest of the world

And .. with a single bound .. “He’s Free !” Straining the bonds of elastic to breaking point between Kensington and ‘Cali-porn-i-a’ ever ‘youf-full’ Prince Harry .. .. (a.k.a. “The Hostage” to his former Palace chums) arrives in his despised former country-of-residence for long enough to be with his detestable family to jointly dedicate a statue to his ‘Mom’, on that day-of-days (when she would have celebrated her 60th birthday). Not that she might have wanted to have done that. So, he’ll probably stand there, mute enough to resemble the statue in front of him, but still be seen mumbling into his orange face-fungus “I must return to Meghan .. I must return to Meghan.” And then, with a vibrant snap of her elastic, he’ll be off “home” .. ever faithful to “Duchess Difficult” (another Palace nomenclature, apparently). ____________________ The new Lambda variant of Covid has been detected in a traveller undergoing hotel quarantine in New South Wales, Australia, according to the national genomics database ‘AusTrakka’; and don’t those ‘Ossies’ have an eloquent way with words ? This is supposedly ‘the World's MOST transmissible Covid variant' and has been spotted in 31 countries: though scientists are baffled why more lethal, more infectious Lambda strain isn't taking over from Delta. Just to prepare everyone for the future, here is the complete Greek alphabet:- Α α, Alpha Β β, Beta Γ γ, Gamma Δ δ, Delta Ε ε, Epsilon Ζ ζ, Zeta Η η, Eta Θ θ, Theta Ι ι, Iota Κ κ, Kappa Λ λ, Lambda Μ μ, Mu Ν ν, Nu Ξ ξ, Xi Ο ο, Omicron Π π, Pi Ρ ρ, Rho Σ σ/ς, Sigma Τ τ, Tau Υ υ, Upsilon Φ φ, Phi Χ χ, Chi Ψ ψ, Psi .. and Ω ω. Omega So there’s plenty for Variants still to be discovered. _________________ Fresh ‘Blog’ being mined …