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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

We must thank the local Labour Party for bringing to our attention the recent 10th Anniversary of Mark Garnier’s ascension to become our Parliamentary representative. They have chosen to mark (sorry, no pun intended) the occasion with an “end-of-term” report (presumably hoping that it might presage such a change?). It is a detailed report and lists a (considerable) list of his faults and failings - a series of events with which Mark is no doubt familiar from his days at Charterhouse and the “Give and Take” of the school motto. The WF Labour Party’s press release hammers solidly away, thumping it’s head against a wall of angst and despair (which many won’t recognise as being the Wyre Forest with which they are familiar) but which ought to be revised for those for whom it is fact. With the zeal reminiscent of C19th missionaries it lists his twists-and-turns, his ducks-and-dives, his U-turns and (in some cases) his hand-brake turns .. and expresses surprise that a politician would do any of these things ! It will probably come as a shock to some, that politicians on both sides of the House have been known to operate in this fashion. The only thing left is to ask the question of those asking questions . surely, in ten years, Mark must have done something good ? ____________________ It’s a particularly ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good .. and that is the case with our local newspaper .. Newsquest’s “Kidderminster Shuttle” .. which is usually chock-full of advertisements (essential to local tradespeople as they are) but which detract from it’s title of “News” paper, with squashed- up articles squeezed in-between pub menus, double-glazing prices and estate agents’ blurbs for a bright and bijou future *. Now in these balmy (barmy ?) coronavirus-days, we are regaled with a 4- page Crossword special, tips for teaching your children, camera club photos, in fact, everything that you would expect to find in a good, local newspaper. Well done. Let’s hope it continues when the adverts come flooding back. * The on-line version https://www.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/ is cunningly designed to appear advert free.


Throughout the UK

It comes as (possibly) no surprise to us (.. to us living south of the ‘bordar’) what a low opinion of her supporters that “wee, timorous beastie” in charge of ‘Scutland’ has .. ! Having criticised Boris’ second-stage advice as ”..too vague and nebulous” to be understood by (or pertinent to) people living that much closer to the Arctic Circle than those south of the M25, she compounds her position by saying that her fellow ‘Scuts’ require ‘strong, firm information’ .. in order to comprehend the message. Still, that’s the way she was taught by her mentor - the ‘Wee Eek’ (that slippery Salmon) - and (no doubt) more of him later .. ______________ Professor Ferguson (the infamous “modlar” of imperious Imperial College, London) apparently met his (now equally infamous) paramour via an on-line dating agency called ‘OKCupid’ (though, with a name like that, we know that no good can come). Wife (38) and mother of two, Antonia Staats, a well-known left-wing campaigner on matters such as Avaaz, a global online activist network [For] Downing Street petition calling for an end fossil fuel subsidies [Against] Brexit [Against] traipsed across London from her £2 million pound south London ‘home’ (ahhh .. ‘Sarflandon’ .. tha’ explainzit) for no fewer than two (2) tête-à-tête sessions (no .. go no further) with the most skilful man in Britain for manipulating figures (ooops, sorry about that). Apparently, the two lads (that’s the two husbands) like nothing better (apart from Antonia) than discussing figures. Strange what turns some folks ‘on’. Ms Staats (as she is referred to in the papers in order to “disguise her identity” for the sake of her children) grew up in Isny, south Germany and went to university in Berlin, before coming to London (2003) to obtain a masters in Asian Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, where her husband happens to work. No such ‘alter-identity’ is allowed for Prof. Ferguson’s son, or for his wife for that matter (as if it matters to someone as clever as the distinguished professor) And now for my departing quip .. about hubris and ‘keeping it in your trousers’ .. that rather than being brought together by ‘OKCupid’ he should have kept in mind that rock ‘n roll ditty .. “Stupid Cupid” ? ________________ Quite how much it has cost ‘us’ we’re not allowed to know .. but Arron Banks, the Brexit campaigner, has "agreed amicable terms of settlement" and feels he has been "completely vindicated" with his contra-temps with the Electoral Commission. After Mr Banks threatened to sue the commission over £8 million in referendum campaign funding, which saw his campaign fined for breaking electoral law .. there is "no evidence" of criminal offences. Yet the Leave.EU co-founder was still referred to the National Crime Agency (NCA) and their time ‘wasted’ (with associated costs) in October 2018. And two years later (and associated costs) " .. the NCA concluded the money came from myself and my business and it's good to see the Electoral Commission concede this." Great .. apart from the associated costs .. which ‘we’, the taxpayer, will bear.


Throughout the rest of the world

“Tragedy declines into farce” we are told, as Tara Reade accuses Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual assault, back when she was a 29 year-old aide and he was a 51 year-old senator. And, true to American Presidential form, this is presumably not the first time, since the board of the New York Times have earlier “.. found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable ..” the paper ‘of liberal record’ recorded on 13 April . With the Arch-clown condemning himself by his own Tweets, Joe’s strategy is to look presidential by default. On the rare occasions Biden shows his face in public and speaks off the cuff he struggles to make sense, he mumbles and digresses, he mixes names and dates, he invents stories that never happened, he says bizarre and inappropriate things and then becomes oddly angry. His video messages in which he looks like he is incarcerated in a nursing home, with ‘his nurse’, his wife Dr. Jill Biden sitting next to him, panic on her face, as he staggers through the autocue script. Sometimes speaking for him while he nods and looks glazed. Should Biden say he has no recollection of Tara Reade and her claims he may well be telling the truth .. since he may well have no recollection of all kinds of things. Wandering hands .. wandering mind. ____________________ This pandemic makes Bernie Sanders look good. Lives depend on millions of people who are not treated decently, including the undocumented workers picking the strawberries in California that are put on the morning corn flakes. The sirens go by .. chasing a deadly disease that respects no boundaries. There is naked socialism in the federal bailout of business .. and now America is living in a socialist state like Sweden .. except there they do it rationally and in America the Yanks do it in lurches. ____________________ And then they (the Michigan United for Liberty party) turn out for their “Patriot Rally” at their Parliament (State Legislature at Lansing) .. armed to the teeth (as they declare is their ‘right’) .. but without face masks .. calling Governor Gretchen Whitmer ‘A-dolph Hitler’ .. and insist that ‘Lockdown’ is unconstitutional. Or. maybe, that quaintly named “Michiganders” haven’t got that between their ears that allow them to adapt to change. Just as the dinosaurs.