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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

MORE than 150 traveller caravans enjoyed the ‘joys of camping’ and pitched-up in Wyre Forest last summer – where there are spaces for 44 caravans at local authority and privately owned sites. Indeed, so popular is the Wyre Forest as a camping location that 20 had to find pitches on unauthorised sites. The ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts’ Bill currently passing through Parliament would see police given greater powers to tackle such encampments, including the right to seize vehicles and impose heavy fines on those trespassing "with intent to reside", has been described as "draconian" by the ‘Friends, Families and Travellers’ charity. ____________ How do you improve on ‘perfection’ ? Well, you take a sheet of A4 paper and ask a child to design a play area (which is a good idea, as far as it goes) .. and then locate the play area in the 180 acres of grounds at Himley Hall, as designed by ‘Capability’ Brown - landscape gardener extraordinaire, (1716-1783). Things ought to go well together then ? Dudley Council got it right there.


Throughout the UK

Was Lucie Powell (Lab, ‘Culture’) referring to her Christmas Crackers when she exhorted Nadine Dorries (Con, ‘Culture’) to “Pull the other one” .. or was the lady in deep red (Lab, ‘Culture’) criticising the lady in bright red (Tory, ‘red wall’) over her desire to make savings on behalf of the poor, and deprive this culture-starved country of the bleatings of the BeeB ? Of course, anyone wanting to re-enforce their position in trendy, trending Notting Hill will jump to defend the “objective” (left-wing leaning) reporting of recent events by the ‘luvies’ sheltering behind the façade of Arthur Eric Rowton Gill ARA RDI (22/02/1882 – 17/11/1940) . Oh, by-the-way, you “BBC chaps”, Russia’s poised to invade Ukraine but, as in 1938, you’re not interested in stuff like that. _____________ With newspapers claiming that H.M. The Queen has “axed” her son, Andrew (our thoughts turn to previous members of various royal households who were also recipients of “the axe”) and the suggestion that his “removal” was necessary in light of his association with the disgraced tycoon Jeffrey Epstein .. will Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC ‘s thoughts be similarly turned towards (or away from) that “old Labour war-horse” Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson, PC, about whom those same newspapers are now publishing photographs showing him helping ‘Jeffers’ celebrate his 54th birthday ? My .. don’t these “men of the people” just ‘lurve’ their distinguished titles ? And, “No”, they don’t show a girl emerging from the cake .. that really would be the proverbial “icing”. _______________ Ms Christine Ching Kui Lee has been alledged to have "awarded" cash gifts to the Labour Party and its members in excess of Half a Million pounds; the (obviously) proud owner of her own law firm, has its headquarters in Birmingham and satellite offices in Wardor Street (London’s Chinatown) and in Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, has gone to ground at the family home in Solihull, bought last year for £985,000, together with her Mercedes with a personalised (lucky) licence plate. So ‘cozy’ is she with the Labour Party (her son worked as a diary manager in (Lab) MP Barry Gardiner's parliamentary office until very recently) that she’s been photographed with (the ‘Sainted’) Jeremy Corbyn (and obviously taking lessons as to how such a good capitalist can become a good Communist). Apparently she’s been forking out the Danegeld for some 17 years (so, nothing new, then?) with Barry receiving some £425,000 .. that’s in addition to the £30,000 of donations from two trade unions (for which he received a ‘telling-off’ from the Commissioner for Standards for failing to register them) .. and he also employs his wife, Caroline, as his constituency office manager, a practice that Ipsa, the parliamentary watchdog, says is “out of step” with modern employment practices. So .. “naughty Barry” as well as “naughty Christine” .. they seem a ‘right pair’. ____________ Also making a ‘right pair’ are those two ‘boozers’ in Whitehall .. the one swigging the vino (having “brought his own”) .. and the other (true to his Labour roots) sticking to the ale .. (“All hail, the ale .. !”) And Nigel Farage nowhere in sight ! They’re obviously know they can’t keep up with a “serious” drinker. ____________ With our television screens featuring so many “scandals” .. ‘The Crown’ (Princess Margaret) .. ‘A Very English Affair’ (Jeremy Thorpe) .. and now ‘A Very British Scandal’ (the Duchess of Argyll) .. we are reminded of two monumental ‘put-downs’ (and we don’t mean plopping a statue into ‘the cut’ ..). Firstly, when Margaret, Duchess of Argyll was ‘put in her place’ by Lady Diana Cooper. Finding themselves at a book-launch, Margaret, a sort of ‘Wallis-lite’, a ‘rent-a-toff’ for when the Kents had gone to a fancier gig, looking like Pierrot, ghastly white, and freeloading for as long as the Bollinger held out .. said Duchess called Lady Cooper “common” .. which was rich. Lady Diana replied that “Men admired Margaret’s ‘quality of availability’.” And then, Lady Cooper had the tables were turned on her by ‘The Master’ (a.k.a. Noel Coward). Cooper and Coward found each other at the same party and Diana, choosing her moment well in a lull in conversation declared to the room .. “Noel, I saw your play last week .. and I yawned, and I yawned, and I yawned !” Without a moment’s disturbance of his sangfroid, Noel replied .. “And, Darling, I saw you performing as ‘The Virgin’ in Vollmoller’s ‘The Miracle’ .. .. and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed !


Throughout the rest of the world

Would you want to live in a country which _ is antagonistic is archaic is racist and is dangerous to live in (compared with two tours-of-duty in Afghanistan) ? No ? So would you rather be_ sitting by the side of your swimming pool supping a CBD-infused iced matcha latte reclining in the grounds of your £11million Californian home guarded by your own private security firm ? Yes ? And so does “Prince” Harry .. _______________ And from Australia, home of the odd sporting fixture, comes a resounding “OUT !” from the direction of the tennis courts. ______________ Which charity is the “odd-one-out” ? the (not-for-profit) ‘Ty-Nant cat sanctuary’, near Port Talbot in South Wales the ‘Surrey And Hampshire Canal Society’ the ‘French Porcelain Society’ the ‘Hindley Amateur Rugby League Football Club’ the Californian ‘Archewell Foundation’ ? All these worthy causes (1 – 4) raised record incomes (for them, in 2021) of between £37,900 and £44,450 for the year. But all of their figures are still more than the “less than £36,681” declared income of the American-registered charity ‘Archewell’ launched in April 2020 by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in a blaze of international publicity. But, to put their side of this “truth” .. they can spend it much better than they can save it .. particularly when “Uncle Andrew” might be needing a loan, soon ? _________________ In the summer of 2020, shortly after the murder of George Floyd, Kelly Latimore, a White artist who grew up surrounded by images of a White Jesus, decided to make a course correction. He’d paint the Virgin Mary and Jesus with gold halos encircling their heads — and both would be Black. Also, his image of Jesus would resemble Floyd, a Black man who had been killed by a White police officer in Minneapolis. The painting, titled “Mama,” attracted little notice in February after a copy was installed at the law school of the Catholic University of America in Washington. But in November, The Daily Signal, a conservative website, published an article about the work and about the university’s recently published report on diversity and inclusion, and students created a petition calling for its removal. That month, the painting was stolen. The university replaced it in November with a smaller copy — the school’s policy was “not to cancel speakers or prevent speech by members of the community,” the university’s president, John H. Garvey, said in a statement after the theft. But now that copy, too, has been stolen. All at the same time as we have ‘lost’ all but the memory of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.