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Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Sad to start the New Year with sad news: Dedicated ‘Friend of Kidderminster Hospital’ and past Chairman of the ‘League of Friends’; his services recognised with a ‘British Citizen’ award at the Palace of Westminster. “The huge success of the hospital’s ‘League of Friends is largely due to David’s untiring and persistent work which has continued unabated for many years. A major achievement which he oversaw was the development of the Millbrook Suite - the Cancer Resource Centre - necessary to provide chemotherapy locally for a high proportion of patients with serious illnesses living in Wyre Forest.”                       Dr. Richard Taylor Curate at St. Mary’s, Kidderminster, then at St. Barnabas, before being Vicar for Wolverley and Cookley for 30 years.   “A very kind person; happy and contented.”   “A wonderful man; we owe him a lot.” And the good news ? We were able to benefit from the input of these fine and gentle men to our community.


While the appearance in court of James Abbott-Thompson (28) on no fewer than nine charges of assault on Police and NHS staff (plus one of aggravated criminal damage) would appear to be unforgivable (if he is indeed found guilty of such offences) - and the granting of bail would (perhaps) seem an inappropriate way of securing the safety of emergency responders and hospital staff; the fact that these episodes occurred when he was receiving treatment for mental health issues might introduce an explanation and a degree of mitigation. His mother, the same Diane Abbott (MP for N. Hackney) who is the Labour Party’s Shadow Home Secretary (and might have been the person with responsibility for supervising action against her own son), has in the past defended her actions on behalf of David and of sending him to the (fee-paying) City of London school, saying,   “I was taught that you sacrifice everything for your child.” David did go on to excel, obtaining eleven A* GCSE grades, then a place at Trinity, Cambs. (his mother’s University, she attended Newham College - History 2.2 under Simon Schamer) to study Law. Proficient in French and Italian, he was ‘fast-tracked’ in the Home Office (2014) and was based in the British Embassy in Rome. In the summer 2019 he joined an international company based in Dublin specialising in Data Protection on an international basis. Perhaps recent political pressures have caused a mother’s eye to have shifted off the most precious ball of her many and varied responsibilities ? We look to see David return to full health and resume his high-flying career while, at the same time, ensuring that our emergency responders received the highest levels of protection and of recompense available. ___________________ Sir Keir Starmer KCB QC (born 2 September 1962) a British politician and barrister who has served as the Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras since 2015, acted exclusively as a defence lawyer specialising in human rights issues before becoming head of the CPS, taking over from Sir Ken Macdonald QC on 1 November 2008. He left office on 1 November 2013 and was replaced by Alison Saunders; his highlights in that position being the "Twitter Joke Trial" (Paul Chambers’ conviction was quashed) and Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne P.C.  (served 9 weeks for perverting the course of justice.) Now he’s keen to show us just what an egalitarian man-of-the-people he is in order to shin the last few places up his greasy-pole to lead the (almost defunct) Labour Party. This Grammar-school lad (nothing particularly unusual there) achieved a ‘First’ in Law (bully for him .. but its not the same as the Bullingham Club) then rose to the dizzy heights of a Knighthood (though he prefers not to be called Sir, and told his constituency newspaper that "I've never liked titles".) Anyway, this ‘local lad’ bills his legal services at £750 per hour (charging Mishcon de Reya £125,000 for trying to derail Britain’s EU exit) plus the £75,000 he receives as Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras, plus other clients (eg £7,000 for 12 hours – or £583 an hour). It all goes to support his £2,000,000 house in North London which he shares with solicitor wife Victoria, 43, and their two young children. He also co-owns a house in Surrey. And now his Wikipedia page ‘magically’ excises references to his wealth (well, it was Christmas). Today Sir Keir Starmer - Knight of the Most Horourable Order of the Bath, Queen’s Counsel - is the 9/4 favourite for next ‘working-class’ Labour leader, followed by Rebecca Long Bailey (7/2), Yvette Cooper (9/1), Angela Rayner, Laura Pidcock and Emily Thornberry (or Lady Nugee, to be formal – described as “another sanctimonious Islington barrister”) (all at 10/1). Place your bets.


Throughout the rest of the world

Now that the (political) air is clearing in the UK (while it’s still the “U” .. K) give a kindly thought for our poor (and, shortly, to be even poorer) cousins on the Continent. “The EU must get real: in just weeks we (the EU) will lose 10% of our income, 12% of our population, and 13% of our total GDP – because Britain is leaving.” I wonder if that quote from a newspaper will give Brussels, et al, pause for thought, as their (all so ambitious) plans for the energising of the ‘Eastern Block’ countries flounder, and support for the Euro drains further from the Med-Block nations, as budgets run dry. Still, ’balancing the books’ was never their strong point. _________________ Perhaps the award for the most inappropriate words spoken in 2019 might go to .. Scott John Morrison. “Scott who ?” I might hear you ask (if you’ve read down this far). Well, you’re obviously not Australian, cobber; since he’s their Prime Minister. With an area the size of Denmark or the Netherlands (and shortly to become the size of both those countries) lying a black and smoking ruin, with people camped on beaches waiting to wade into the (shark infested ?) waters to escape the inferno, with the death toll mounting into the scores, with tourists being told “Get out, any way you can !”, with petrol stations being drained so that they don’t explode .. to be quoted as saying,   “We’ve had these ‘smoke hazes’ before !” is perhaps the least adroit statement ever issued from a political office ….   since, perhaps, the emperor Nero’s  .. “Let Rome burn !”


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