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An alternative viewpoint

Comments about what’s going on in political life … … Please note that views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Concern or of it’s Councillors or members - but enjoy them - or ignore them (!) It’s your choice.


Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Nice to see representatives of the local Labour Party ‘out-and-about’ and exercising in the (relatively) fresh air of Bewley Road North and taking-a-breather outside the eponymously named “28.A” (so reminiscent of “221.B”). How delightful to see them observing the “rule-of-six” in these plague-ridden times .. and sporting a delightfully sartorial range of ‘de-rigueur’ face-masks. (Don’t worry, lads and lassies, we still know who you are). What a shame that their efforts to highlight their perceived ill-treatment of Wyre Forest children (though many reminiscing might say that being deprived of a school meal would have done them a favour) will have been so significantly overshadowed by the publication of the report by the Equality & Human Rights Commission accusing yesterday’s-man Jeremy Corbyn of “serious failings in leadership” of a party which "at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it". One good lesson which our Wyre Forest bods could teach him (seeing as we’re on a schools-related issue) is .. how to wear a face-mask. “You stick it over your nose, too, Jerry !” Nought out of any number you care to mention. “Go to the back of the class !” __________________ Here’s a ‘quickie’ .. .. “When is a bus .. not a bus ?” “I don’t know .. when is a bus .. not a bus ?” “When it’s a death-trap !” Conniston Coaches bosses have had their licenses revoked and been disqualified for 5 years for their maintenance schedules and paperwork being so dysfunctional that “the public were put at risk” (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The bosses’ solicitor said that “they denied forgery” for vehicles which should have been ‘safety-checked’ every 6 weeks but which hadn’t had one for 18 months !


Throughout the UK

And just when you thought you’d penned it all about that wee fannybaws .. .. (my, does she help fill up the column inches !) The Bruges Group's Dr Niall McCrae argues it would be very difficult for Nicola Sturgeon to succeed in getting an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU. During an interview with the British press, the think tank chief argued Spain would be a loud voice in opposing an independent Scotland from rejoining the bloc - if they broke ties with the Union. Dr McCrae said: "The obvious EU member state that would oppose an independent Scotland rejoining the bloc is Spain who are presently fighting Catalan independence. _______________ Shetland Islands independence campaigners have warned Nicola Sturgeon they "won't ask permission" for freedom from Scotland. ‘Sovereign Nation of Shetland’ campaigner Stuart Hill, who believes the islands have never belonged to Scotland, rallied on fellow residents to Shetland to “.. have the guts to stand up and demand what we want”. _______________ The results of a UK poll come as the SNP gears-uo to launch another Scottish independence bid following the approval of a Plan B motion. The party conference agreed to the wording of a motion which could see the next Holyrood elections turn into a ‘de facto’ independence referendum. However, the rest of the country (plus half the Scots living north of the border + many living in the rest of the UK, and Europe) think different. 84% of a poll of nearly 10,000 thought that the First Minister and the SNP should NOT hold another independence referendum.


Throughout the rest of the world

Another well that keeps on giving is .. President Trump. President Trump apparently “sounds terrific” and is “ready to get back to work”, according to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, in a tweet on Monday . I suppose that being tee-total and still having his own teeth (though possibly not his own hair) is to his advantage - although doctors (who are un-naturally thin) thnk he’s over- weight .. and ‘old’ ! ‘Old’ ? At 74 ? Not if you look at ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden .. a dashing 78 year-old. Now THAT’s ‘OLD’. It’s the same age at which Ronald Regan RETIRED as 40th President of the USA. Some people were worried in 1981 about electing a man of 70 ! He won them over in a debate when he said .. “I am not going to make age an issue in this election campaign .. given the other candidate’s youthful inexperience !”


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