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Wyre Forest and West Midlands

Dr. Taylor is ‘disgusted’ !

Dr. Richard Taylor - former Wyre Forest MP - says ..         “I think its disgusting that services are being moved from an           under-used department at Kidderminster, to an over-used           department at Worcester!” This in response to Worcs. Acute NHS Trust’s descision to re-locate echocardiagram and ultra-sound scans to the in-patient departments at Worcs. and Redditch.   “Consider the difficulties in travelling so far. If you haven’t got a car its an incredibly difficult journey. A taxi fare is around £50. We should be re-distributing staff and encouraging MORE treatment at Kidderminster and so alleviating pressure and stress at Worcester and Redditch. A fair re-distribution of staff would make things better for both patients and staff.” ‘Follow-up’ appointments will continue to be arranged at Kidderminster, according to Dr. Jaspar Trevelyan, ‘Consultant Cardiologist’ and ‘Divisional Director for Specialist Medicine’   “This recent decision is temporary,” he reassures us. So that’s another reassurance that the downgrading of facilities and treatments at Kidderminster Hospital “.. is only temporary !”       (How very reassuring) ____________________ Just as we hear that “the future of hospital services in their area is in the Secretary of State’s hands” (Wrekin & Telford - according to their Council Leader) .. than we learn that their future will no longer be in the hands of a Mr. Simon Wright, who has quit his job as Chief Executive (Chief Executive ? .. you mean there’s more of them ?) after just 4 years in post, amid concerns about standards in maternity services AND emergency provision, AND while the Trust is under investigation over excessive baby deaths. Not, I hope Mr. Simon Wright would agree, an entirely satisfactory outcome of four years of remuneration ? Shed no tear, however, on the fate of Mr. Simon Wright who, on 22nd July, will be taking up a role in the Nottinghamshire ICS .. and no doubt with suitably lucrative remuneration. Why he leaves, after just four, short years, we have to leave to your judgement, dear reader, since the Trust (who can, of course, be trusted) would not divulge a reason. _____________________ The NHS probe into baby deaths at hospitals in Shropshire is widened to include 300 more cases of concern, bringing total of tragedies being investigated to around 550. Initially the 2017 Review was meant to span 23 cases of poor care but snowballed to 250 when hundreds of families came forward with their concerns Now a further 300 more have come to light and are being investigated


Don’t you just ‘lurrve’ hypocrisy unveiled ? Classic case of it (allegedly) down on the south coast at Brighton, home to that uber- trendy, uber-luvie, probably uber-driven, multi-coloured set; where Town Councillor Nick Childs’ child is being taught in ‘uber-school’ .. Roedean Girls. She’s benefiting from cavorting among the 118 acres of sports fields (larger than the average Sussex school), the golf course (yes, its own golf course, how ‘crazy’ is that ?), the heated swimming pool, the tennis courts, the private theatre and .. a private tunnel leading to the beach .. .. and all this for a mere £13,305 per term. Not bad. Definitely not bad for the daughter of the Labour cllr. who sits as deputy-leader of Brighton & Hove council and who chairs the council’s “schools committee” - from where he has condemned OfSTED as “.. an enforcement agent of neo-liberal education, with recidivist notions of intelligence, narrow data-sets, and a denial of the impact of poverty.” He’s also campaigned against a Primary school becoming an Academy to get itself out of an “inadequate” rating. Well, ‘our Nick’ will really get to know the privations of poverty first-hand when the impact of those fees kick-in.  Nick’s view on the proceedings ?  “My own family’s decisions are not up for public debate !”” _____________________ Interesting just who your neighbours are when you live in a block of flats - be they humble maisonettes or deluxe apartments in a converted Georgian House on the A202 (Camberwell New Road) in an overwhelmingly pro-EU borough. Brunswick Park is home to Carrie Symonds and she must be so very pleased that her neighbours are so attentive to her welfare that they are prepared to record her goings-on at 12:24am while they’re busy receiving their take-away food delivery. Still, she must be gratified to know that she lives among ‘left-wing’ film producers (which would explain having recording equipment so conveniently to hand) and that he shares with the daughter of a millionaire New Yorker (just as she shares with the son of a millionaire - financial guru, author and former MP for Wight & Hampshire East, Stanley Patrick Johnson - son of Osman Kemal), .. and that they’re all ‘Guardian’ readers. However, her movement to another rented home - No. 10, Downing Street - may be somewhat curtailed by her midnight spat over spilt red wine on a sofa (haven’t we all experienced that ?) and the trashing of a lap-top in order to get attention (haven’t we all been there ?) “Boy Friend” BJ can easily retreat to either_ 1. His £3.75 million white stucco, four-storey Victorian semi in Furlong Road, N7 (the ‘wrong’ end of I slington)- a 3000sq ft property spread over five floors with private roof terrace. 2. His farmhouse property in Thame (Henley-on-Thames) BJ has moved 32 times since he was 15 - including a spell in Wolverhampton. Carrie, on the other hand, might find that it’s more than the sofa cushions that require blotting. ___________________ The absolutely formidable Rory Stewart (Harvard Professor, covert Special Forces operative, mid-wife to his son, multi-multi linguist, explorer of the high Afghan peaks, author, OBE, double Fellow .. and still only 46 .. !) who can’t be held responsible for his resemblance to Mr. Bean, ought to have checked his facts. In probably the first mistake he’s made in his life, he threatened to hold a ‘rival Parliament’ .. “next door, in the Central Methodist Hall ..” should the Westminster Parliament be prorogued. But the Hall’s already booked .. ! ______________________ That most excellent 1986 product of Lady Margaret Hall college, Oxford, Mr. Michael Gove, formerly of a minuscule flat in Shepherd Market, Mayfair (“..so small there were never more than 8 people in it” .. but shared with millennium millionaire Massow and fellow-politician Nick Boles) would seem to be having one of his be-fuddled periods (which might have something to do with memory-loss associated with indulging in “prohibited substances”). While insisting that he did fill-in his visa application forms for the US correctly (which ought to have prohibited his entry into that country) - he seems to have forgotten that it was under his instructions (as Education Secretary) that 146 teachers have been expelled from their profession for the use of / handling the same Class A drug in which he indulged. Good to know that he’s been so successful in keeping the classroom a “safe space” from the ‘junkies’ and ‘dropouts’ that litter our society.


Throughout the rest of the world

‘Alles in Ordnung’ .. so says ‘Mutti’ (the German equivalent of ‘Mummy’) Merkel. This in spite of having to remain seated recently while the anthems of Germany and Denmark were played as she welcomed Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen outside the Chancellery in Berlin. Questions regarding her health remain unanswered following her being seen shaking on three occasions during public reception ceremonies. ___________________ ‘All Hail’ .. the ‘late President Macron’. On the day that the world commemorated 156,000 troops arriving in Normandy, punctually .. ‘le petit President’ was late for the opening ceremony and commemorative service .. on his own beaches ! ‘Quelle dommage’ petit Monsieur !