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“A week is a long time in politics”

as the Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC has been finding out. After enjoying having been the chucker of ”slings and arrows of outrage” at ‘Winegate’ (or ‘Cakegate’ if you prefer) he’s now found himself at the ‘receiving-end’ of the shy and the target of ‘Beergate’ accusations (but at least his Party Deputy has her fingers and toes crossed that she won’t be drawn into this debate). Then there’s whether to resign (or not) should the Durham Constabulary decide if they will treat him like Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson or like Dominic Mckenzie Cummings (one got a fine .. and the other didn’t). Then there was the overheard ‘quip’ (or was it just ‘boyish banter’) as he strode manfully alongside Boris on their way to the House of Lords to hear Charles read from his mother’s script .. “Had a good weekend ?” All this after ‘bigging-up’ (pardon the jargon) of the party’s failure to capitalise upon the mid-term elections where their results were nowhere as good as they had hoped. And now recovery “Oup Norff” is still far off (about as far off as anywhere Up North is to those driving around Kentish Town in their Range Rover Sports .. still, even that’s a change for a lad raised in ‘picturesque’ Oxted, Surrey). Apparently the beefy-burghers of Wakefield are in rebellion and the entire Executive Committee of the local party have resigned ‘en masse’ in disgust after he ‘parachuted’ two “Remainer” candidates onto their local list of those being offered for selection to stand in the election to replace their former M.P. Imran Ahmad Khan (Tory) who quit following his conviction for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. It seems that many Labour activists who had campaigned in previous elections across the region are Left-wing members still loyal to Jeremy Corbyn, the party's former leader. They are furious that three respected local candidates were shunned by the National Executive Committee in favour of two picks who do not come from the area and are now planing to “down tools” and not volunteer to ‘hit the mean streets’ for the Wakefield by-election. Perhaps next week will be better ?

Big Changes at County Hall

as least, we’re told they’re “BIG” Changes Download

Cleanliness Concerns at Worcester Royal Hospital


General Election Result

Independents have also done well in the election so far, amid public dissatisfaction with the two major parties. Look likely to join a coalition government … in Australia. Labor Party WIN (please note .. Labor - not Labour)

Disastrous Regional Election Results

in Germany for Chancellor Olaf Scholz. With his communications abilities being described as “a disaster” he’s now dropped to 5th in a poll of popularity of Ministers and the Leader of the Coalition Party - the Greens - thought of as a better choice of leader.