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Yes; we still use the jolly-old fax - it cannot be hacked the way these new-fangled systems can. Our number is 01562 77 00 11

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The Premier Independent political party in Wyre Forest

The Wyre Forest area of north Worcestershire is the home of independent political thought - having been represented in Parliament for two terms (ten years) by the Independent M.P. Dr. Richard Taylor M.B.E.

Representing Wyre Forest people

The party works at Wyre Forest District and local Town and Parish levels with Councillors on the Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport-on-Severn town councils.

Not just a ‘Single Issue’ party

Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern is NOT just a ‘single issue’ party but a grouping of independent representatives of the people; taking on-board all manner of local problems (and solving them) and local aspirations (and aiding in their delivery). It grew out of the projected closure of Kidderminster Hospital (to which so many had contributed with fund-raising). This prompted mass protest and street parades and, ultimately, the rejection of the sitting Labour MP - a junior Minister. The party remains fundamentally concerned with the provision of health facilities and the delivery of all that results in ‘good health’ it is associated with concern for all aspects of a healthy community - education for all ages, support for the disabled and the elderly, transport, arts and entertainment, nature and the environment.
JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO WATCH T.V. ! The BBC will shortly be writing to it’s 260,000 outstanding customers in the coming weeks who have had their licence payments suspended (“Holiday”) during the Pandemic, to warn that it will once again be a legal requirement to hold a valid TV licence - FROM AUGUST. Those over-75 who qualify for Pension Credit will be able to claim exemption. All who receive the BBC’s letter WILL HAVE TO RESPOND to it and inform the BBC what they plan to do. The licence fee amnesty put in place due to Covid will come to an end on July 31. The BBC has instructed Capita, the firm that enforces licence fee payment, to make “customer care visits” to some 260,000 pensioners’ homes, from the autumn. REMEMBER: Over-75s who qualify for Pension Credit will be able to claim exemption, but must respond to the BBC’s letter. Failure to pay (or not having told the BBC of their arrangements) may result in the threat of prosecution.
If you thought that Sir Kier Starmer KCB. QC. MP. had a “tiny. tiny” majority … you should see the votes for the other parties … Batley & Spen 2021 by-election results Kim Leadbeater (Lab) 13,296 (35.27%) Ryan Stephenson (C) 12,973 (34.42%) George Galloway (WP) 8,264 (21.92%) Thomas Gordon (LD) 1,254 ( 3.33%) Corey Robinson (Yorkshire) 816 ( 2.16%) Therese Hirst (Eng Dem) 207 ( 0.55%) Jack Thomson (UKIP) 151 ( 0.40%) Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 107 ( 0.28%) Mike Davies (Green Soc) 104 ( 0.28%) Paul Bickerdike (CPA) 102 ( 0.27%) Jonathan Tilt (FA) 100 ( 0.27%) Anne Marie Waters (FB) 97 ( 0.26%) Andrew Smith (Rejoin) 75 ( 0.20%) Oliver Purser (Soc Dem) 66 ( 0.18%) Jayda Fransen (Ind) 50 ( 0.13%) Susan Laird (Heritage) 33 ( 0.09%)


Stourport Medical Centre faces a set-back

Plans for the opening of the new Stourport Medical Centre, located off Dunley Road, which will replace Stourport Health Centre and York House Medical Centre, have suffered a delay. An industry-wide problem with supplies for essential materials mean that builders are unable to complete the necessary works and the date of completion has been pushed back, even though work will still continue, with windows being fitted and scaffolding being taken down. Health bosses say they are "disappointed" that plans to open a new medical centre in Stourport have been delayed. The £7 million of construction work reached the halfway point in March and the site was set to be open for patients in the autumn.

Just to put Covid into perspective_

SUICIDE From 2001 to 2018, suicide (with injury or poisoning of undetermined intent) was the leading cause of death for both males and females aged 20 to 34 years in the UK, for all years observed, accounting for 27.1% of male deaths and 16.7% of female deaths for this age group. CANCER After 2008, the leading cause of death for females aged 50 to 64 years changed from (malignant neoplasm) breast cancer to that of the trachea, bronchus and lung, which accounted for 10.1% of deaths for this age group in 2018 CONDITIONS The leading cause of death in the UK in 2018 was dementia and Alzheimer disease, accounting for 12.7% of all deaths registered ACCIDENTS The number of road deaths in the UK has plateaued since 2012 at around 1,850 deaths a year, or the equivalent of five a day, on average. Every 20 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads

Flood Devastation

Our sympathies and support go to our German, Belgium and Dutch neighbours as they continue to suffer from catastrophic flooding and the death toll mounts. The all-too-regular breaching of its banks by the River Severn as it passes though the Wyre Forest area makes us all-too-familiar with the devastation and aftermath which is caused - though we are thankful not to have sustained such grievous loss-of-life. _________________________________ Previous experience: Helmut Schmidt, Hamburg, 1962 The colossal North Sea flood of February 1962 killed over 300 people and left tens of thousands in Germany's port city of Hamburg without shelter. It was a crucial turning point in the career of future Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, then interior minister of the city state. His handling of the crisis, particularly his decision to draft in soldiers to help, gained him nationwide popularity. Helmut Kohl, Brandenburg, 1997 The "eternal chancellor" was in the final phase of his tenure when he visited the eastern state of Brandenburg in 1997 after massive flooding along the River Oder. Sometimes dubbed the Einheitsflut, "unity flood", the disaster is often considered the first national crisis to test the solidarity between the newly reunified East and West Germanys. Angela Merkel, Neu Garge, 2006 Angela Merkel visited flood regions several times during her chancellorship. The first major flood of her tenure came in March and April 2006, again around the River Elbe in Saxony. The disaster struck just a few months after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the US, when George W. Bush came under attack for failing to organize an adequate response. Merkel made sure to avoid the same criticism
JUST 3 WEEKS TO TAKE PART ! A public consultation will run from Thursday July 8 to Thursday July 29 You’ve just 3 weeks to comment upon a MASSIVE 1,400 HOUSE DEVELOPMENT on nearby farmland off Comberton Road. “Woven Oaks” is mega-builder Taylor Wimpey’s “pretty” name for a 15 year project with a £211,000,000 price-tag (which of course will include their profit). To find out more about the proposals and to take part in the consultation, visit the project website at _ www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/WovenOaksKidderminster
A SECOND CONSULTATION on PGM (Power Generation Midlands) £30M waste plant to re-claim & re-cycle plastics and sell-on heat and energy (next to Liberty Aluminium) The public can now inspect the application and plans at the County Council’s website - worcestershire.gov.uk/eplanning and then use the reference 20/000024CM You can then send your views to the Council via devcontrolteam@worecestershire.gov.uk and you have until Thursday August 12th to do so.