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Independent Community & Health Concern Caring for the Community in Wyre Forest

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Please use this answer-phone service to contact our office. You can also make contact with specific Councillors via the phone / e.mail details on <Councillors>


Please use talk2us@healthconcern.org.uk to send a message. It will either be replied to directly or acknowledged & forwarded to the appropriate person.


Yes; we still use the jolly-old fax - it cannot be hacked the way these new-fangled systems can. Our number is 01562 77 00 11
Independent Community & Health Concern extend their best wishes to Boris Johnson for the Prime Minister’s quick recovery

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The Premier Independent political party in Wyre Forest

The Wyre Forest area of north Worcestershire is the home of independent political thought - having been represented in Parliament for two terms (ten years) by the Independent M.P. Dr. Richard Taylor M.B.E.

Representing Wyre Forest people

The party works at Wyre Forest District and local Town and Parish levels with Councillors on the Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport-on-Severn town councils.

Not just a ‘Single Issue’ party

As is reflected in it’s title, Independent Community and Health Concern is NOT just a ‘single issue’ grouping of independent representatives of the people; taking on-board all manner of local problems (and solving them) and local aspirations (and aiding in their delivery). It grew out of the projected closure of Kidderminster Hospital (to which so many had contributed with fund-raising). This prompted mass protest and street parades and, ultimately, the rejection of the sitting Labour MP - a junior Minister. While I.C.H.C. remains fundamentally concerned with the provision of health facilities and the delivery of all that results in ‘good health’ it is associated with concern for all aspects of a healthy community - education for all ages, support for the disabled and the elderly, transport, arts and entertainment, nature and the environment.


as per 8th April 2020



Known UK cases: 55,242 Known UK deaths: 6,159 Daily confirmed cases: 3,634 Daily deaths: 786 Worcestershire cases: 419 Worcestershire deaths: 46 Wolverhampton cases: 335 Sandwell cases: 363 Dudley cases: 309 Birmingham cases: 1,372 The Government will be reviewing the ‘Lockdown’ arrangements after 3 weeks - 21 days - on Monday 13th April ~ Easter Monday.

Lockdown Conditions

YOU MAY ONLY LEAVE YOUR HOME IF _ You go shopping for necessities You go for exercise (but just once a day) There is medical need - or if you are providing care You are travelling to or from home / work - that work is deemed ‘necessary’ - and you cannot work from home. ____________________________________________________________ SHOPS WHICH MAY STAY OPEN INCLUDE _ Shops which sell Food Pharmacies & Health Stores Home & Hardware Stores Petrol Stations, Car Rentals & Bicycle Shops Pet Shops Post Offices & Banks Newsagents Shops inside Hospitals Laundrettes and Dry Cleaners Outdoor/Indoor Markets selling food Food Delivery and Takeaway can remain operational (though no eating on the premises) OTHER (NON-ESSENTIAL) RETAIL BUSINESSES MUST CLOSE _ Pubs and Restaurants must close Cinemas, theatres and concert halls Sports grounds
DAY 16
ALSO CLOSING _ Churches, Synagogues, Gurdwaras, Shrines, Temples, Mosques & Places of Worship - No Weddings Baptisms at home Funerals at graveside/crematorium with immediate family Church of England churches will no longer remain open even for solitary prayer Community centres, youth centres and similar Hotels, Hostels, BnBs, Campsites and Boarding Houses Caravan parks (other than primary residential abodes)