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Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern Caring for the Community in Wyre Forest

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Yes; we still use the jolly-old fax - it cannot be hacked the way these new-fangled systems can. Our number is 01562 77 00 11
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The Premier Independent political party in Wyre Forest

The Wyre Forest area of north Worcestershire is the home of independent political thought - having been represented in Parliament for two terms (ten years) by the Independent M.P. Dr. Richard Taylor M.B.E.

Representing Wyre Forest people

The party works at Wyre Forest District and local Town and Parish levels with Councillors on the Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport-on-Severn town councils.

Not just a ‘Single Issue’ party

Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern is NOT just a ‘single issue’ party but a grouping of independent representatives of the people; taking on-board all manner of local problems (and solving them) and local aspirations (and aiding in their delivery). It grew out of the projected closure of Kidderminster Hospital (to which so many had contributed with fund-raising). This prompted mass protest and street parades and, ultimately, the rejection of the sitting Labour MP - a junior Minister. The party remains fundamentally concerned with the provision of health facilities and the delivery of all that results in ‘good health’ it is associated with concern for all aspects of a healthy community - education for all ages, support for the disabled and the elderly, transport, arts and entertainment, nature and the environment.


as per 24 th February 2021


Tests 84,392,344 Positive tests (to date) 4,144,577 Mortalities: 135,613 UK Deaths (per day) 442 People vaccinated - 1st dose 18,242,873 (as of 23 February 2021) - 2nd dose 669,105 Worcestershire cases 30,983 Worcestershire deaths 756 Wyre Forest cases 5,076 Worcester City cases 5,524 Wolverhampton cases 23,629 Sandwell cases 32,072 Dudley cases 25,227 Birmingham cases 95,386 The Acute Hospital Trust covers Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Evesham Community Hospital as well as the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and Kidderminster Hospital.
DAY 337
NHS - GOV.UK advice If you have any coronavirus symptoms: a high temperature a new, continuous cough a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste Get a test and stay at home 1 in 3 people who have the virus have no symptoms, so you could be spreading it without knowing it.

Continent in Chaos

FRANCE Urgent talks are underway to reopen the border after Paris suspended all travel links with the UK on Sunday night, throwing as much as 20% of Britain’s imports from the Continent into turmoil. The French President has introduced the requirement for all lorry-drivers to have a clear test result for Covid before proceeding onto the continent to prevent the spread of the new Covid strain. This will cause massive tailbacks in Dover, transport chiefs said – ultimately risking shortages on shops’ shelves and on factory floors on both sides of the Channel. SPAIN In a fifth night of clashes, protesters threw bottles at police, set fire to containers and smashed up shops in Barcelona on Saturday after Pablo Hasel, a Catalan musician, was arrested by the police to serve a prison sentence this week for “offensive lyrics” .. while Isabel Medina, an 18-year-old "fascist influencer" was allowed to march in Madrid just days before to deliver a highly antisemitic speech. As Hasel was preparing to barricade himself inside a university building in his Catalan home city of Lleida to avoid arrest, Ms Medina was taking part in an authorised march to pay homage to the dead from the Blue Division, soldiers sent by the Spanish dictator General Franco to fight for Hitler in Russia. GERMANY Such is the extreme ‘Fake News’ in German social-media that Hospitals are refusing to give the ‘Astra-Zeneca’ vaccine to people because i) it is believed ineffective for over- 65s.. or ii) it is actually harmful. Ambulance workers unions are turning it down and State legislatures are advising against its use. Of 736,800 doses delivered, only 129,021 had been administered. Germany closes its borders with Austria and the Czech Republic (well, that makes a change) AUSTRIA 500 Viennese hospital staff objected to having the ‘Oxford’ vaccine rather than the Pfizer. _____________________ There seems a near hysterical reaction by people in some countries - where predicted “reaction” symptoms manifest themselves (known as the ‘Nocebo effect’). _____________________
Please refer to the < Virus News > page for the latest in Government pronouncements - and what we now can (or can’t) do with our lives .. but, thanks to the various vaccinations, most of us do still have our lives.
A new Government campaign has launched urging Britons to stay home for the time being while vaccines are rolled out and full lockdown restrictions remain. The campaign, which will air for the first time on ITV this evening (24 th February), will feature prominently across television, radio and social media. Viewers are told that “every sacrifice, every day at home, every covered face – everything we're doing is helping stop the spread of Covid-19. Let's keep going.”